Wednesday, 2015-06-17

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lifelesschrisjrn: do you know, is there a group rate at the pullman ?03:54
chrisjrnsure is!
tpbTitle: Accommodation - PyCon Australia | July 31st - August 4th 2015 | Brisbane, Queensland (at
chrisjrnnot a problem!03:59
croy_(investigating another acommodation offer, hopefully sometime this week.)04:04
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kandinskiI just got an airbnb for $50 a night, there are many within easy walking distance07:25
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chrisjrn13 early birds left! :O07:57
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chrisjrnnot yet10:11
praetorianwhere's the 3 star option? Li10:11
praetorian(hotel wise)10:11
chrisjrnoh right. THere's things nearby. Venue doesn't have it10:12
praetoriancan see an airbnb whole apartment option for $10010:18
chrisjrnyeah, kandinski sounds like he's been doing ok10:18
praetorianim guessing he got a room vs a whole apartment10:20
praetorianthere is a $512/night penthouse. woo.10:20
chrisjrnI'm sharing a 2BR right on the river -- $200/night10:22
chrisjrnpretty happy with that10:23
chrisjrnlikely to do similar at Geelong10:23
praetorianstill gotta work out if i am going10:23
chrisjrnlca or pycon?10:23
chrisjrnyou should10:24
chrisjrnprogramme is amazing10:24
praetorianyeah, just timing10:24
chrisjrnwill be out rsn10:24
tpbTitle: M15B Brand new 2bdr with pool in Kangaroo Point (at
praetorianmaybe. lets see10:28
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