Tuesday, 2015-06-16

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malbshey guys, any idea how i can bulk register multiple people for pycon? seems like i have to do regos individually for each person01:24
malbsand... is there any info on start times? What time do the mini-confs start on Friday?01:25
chrisjrnHi there, malbs01:25
chrisjrnhow many people are signing up?01:25
chrisjrnAt the Enthusiast or the Professional rate?01:26
chrisjrnOK, so each person will need to separately create an account and fill out the rego form themselves, regardless of whether you do a bulk payment01:26
chrisjrnso if it's not difficult to make separate payments at that point, then that's the best way to go01:27
chrisjrnIt *may* be possible for us to arrange bulk payment once everyone has registered/filled out the form01:27
chrisjrnAs for start times -- 9am every day.01:28
chrisjrnRegistration opens at 8am on Friday and Saturday01:28
malbsthanks chrisjrn01:30
chrisjrnmalbs: one more thing -- it's possible for each person registering to send you a payment link for their invoices01:30
chrisjrnthe invoice page has a "Generate Access URL" button that gives a link that they can mail you01:31
chrisjrnthat's probably the best way to go about it01:31
chrisjrnsorry for taking so long to get to the answer01:32
chrisjrnI'm not properly in customer service mode yet01:32
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malbsput on your cistomer service hat again, what time on Sunday do the presentations typically finish up?01:46
malbsI've got some staff who want to stick around for the sprints but others who want to head off, so flight logistics01:46
chrisjrnWe're aiming for 6pm-ish01:46
chrisjrnThe venue is just across the road from an airport line train station, and otherwise, very central CBD01:47
malbsgreat, thanks again01:52
chrisjrnnot a problem!02:03
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tchaypo“just across the road” is kinda technically semi-true06:36
tchaypothe station is across the road, but it’s a few hundred meters away06:36
tchaypoit might take you perhaps as long as 7 or 8 minutes to get from the venue, up the block, across the road, into the station, and onto the platform06:37
tchaypogoogle says - 600m and 8 minutes06:37
chrisjrnYeah, I may have confused myself with the KGS Bus station06:38
tchaypoI think so :)06:38
chrisjrnIn other news, need to sell 2 more tickets today to break the milestone-du-jour06:39
tchaypoThe bigger issue with trains is they only run once every 30 minutes on sundays - at 27 and 57 past the hour, arriving at domestic terminal at 55 and 25 past the hour respectively06:39
tchaypochrisjrn: well fine, you twisted my arm06:39
chrisjrnI guess there'll be ample taxis as well, with minimal traffic06:39
chrisjrnthe milestone is "overtake the sales count for 201106:40
tchaypoyeah, taxis will be ample, and there’s an entrance to the ICB nearby, which takes you into the airport link tunnel thing, so a taxi will be at the airport in ~20 minutes06:41
tchaypochrisjrn: so make that 106:42
chrisjrnYay :D06:42
chrisjrnif we can sell another 4 then we get to do the "only 30 tickets left" thingy06:43
chrisjrnthat normally makes the tickets disappear in a day06:43
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chrisjrnYay! Milestone-du-jour reached!07:40
kandinskichrisjrn: when will we have the schedule?07:58
* kandinski is registering and finding accomodation today07:59
chrisjrnkandinski: when it's ready. I'd love to have it up early next week to kick regos along after selling out of early birds07:59
* kandinski is doing all his low-attention TODOs while he watches Halt and Catch Fire07:59
kandinskiyou do phone app development in your day job, right? Have you looked at React Native?08:00
chrisjrnI haven't looked at it08:01
kandinskilooks promising. And no reason kivy couldn't be hooked up to it.08:02
chrisjrnOr Toga, as you'd probably prefer08:02
kandinskiI'm presenting the second half of my talk in two days, here at Python Madrid08:04
chrisjrnoh cool :D08:05
kandinskiyeah, it needs a bit of roadtesting08:05
chrisjrn¿en español?08:05
kandinskibut also, I'm really happy I've been able to connect with my hometown's scene08:05
kandinskiyeah, but I'll already be writing any slides in English08:06
chrisjrnfair enough08:06
kandinskiit's a common thing here, and I assume in most non-English speaking countries. Programmers can always read enough English, even if they don't speak it.08:06
kandinskisome of the local talent is outstanding08:06
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kandinskiyeah, I had forgotten about Toga08:14
kandinskiI should try a toy project to learn it08:14
kandinskiI never know my size of hsirt08:18
chrisjrnAh :/08:19
kandinskiok, I'm going to go with women's fitted XS and it will fit my daughters at some point08:19
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chrisjrnfair enough :)08:19
chrisjrn(I'm *so* pleased with the t-shirt offerings this year08:19
chrisjrnactually spoke with our supplier about the women's t-shirt problem and he came back with two cuts)08:20
kandinskiI think both for men and women, however, a size in cm somewhere would be useful08:21
kandinskias manufacturers do whatever they want with sizing08:21
tpbTitle: T-Shirt Information - PyCon Australia | July 31st - August 4th 2015 | Brisbane, Queensland (at 2015.pycon-au.org)08:21
chrisjrnlinked off the rego page08:21
kandinskioh great08:21
kandinskiaaand I have already given my other choice08:22
kandinskinever mind08:25
kandinskinow, airbnb08:34
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