Tuesday, 2015-06-09

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tchayposo chrisjrn08:10
tchayponever mind. It would take too long to type and it’s not funny08:10
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chrisjrntchaypo: YES?!09:54
xfxfthat's just mean :P10:16
xfxf"i know something but i'm not telling"10:16
MarkusHchrisjrn: https://2015.pycon-au.org/registration/new seems to be open? As a student and speaker, should I take the student or speaker ticket?11:35
tpbTitle: PyCon Australia | July 31st - August 4th 2015 | Brisbane, Queensland (at 2015.pycon-au.org)11:35
chrisjrnMarkusH: Hey there, yes, registration is available, though we're not making a big deal about it11:37
chrisjrnYou may register for whichever you can afford11:37
chrisjrnwe're also happy to waive registration fees for speakers if that's something you need11:37
MarkusHchrisjrn: I'm trying to get the company where I wrote my master's thesis to get my accommodation paid for. If that's going to I'm happy to finance the conference myself11:40
chrisjrngreat :)11:40
MarkusHhmm, I could also ask my university to pay for my conference attendance ...11:41
MarkusHwehee, just saw that there is a DjangoGirls workshop happening on Monday :)11:47
chrisjrnyup. PyCOn AU last year was the second ever11:48
chrisjrnblame hawkowl for this year's11:48
hawkowli have not done any sponsorship stuff yet11:48
* hawkowl is worst organiser11:49
chrisjrnhawkowl: working on it11:49
hawkowlchrisjrn: ?11:49
chrisjrnI point people in your direction11:50
hawkowloh cool :)11:50
MarkusHhawkowl: hint: bug github for sponsoring ;)11:51
chrisjrnfunny you should say that11:51
MarkusHafaik they sponsored _every_ djangogirls event so far11:52
chrisjrnthey sponsored us last year11:52
chrisjrnwell, our djangogirls11:52
chrisjrnthey turned down sponsorship of the conf11:52
MarkusHI mean, who would even go to PyCon Australia. Ever. :-P11:53
chrisjrnthis year it's in warm city, the years I ran it, I'm surprised *anyone* turned up11:54
MarkusHhow many people are you expecting ;)11:54
MarkusHPlease wait.  Your payment is being processed...11:55
chrisjrnHopefully 400 or more this year11:55
MarkusHthat's quite a number11:55
chrisjrnwe've been growing year on year since 201011:55
chrisjrn200 in the first year11:55
MarkusHthat's impressive11:56
chrisjrnbasically, we're one of the higher quality python conferences -- we need to be, because even within Australia, people need to travel11:57
hawkowllike me!11:58
hawkowl(lol perth)11:58
chrisjrnso we bring the world over here, and people seem to like that11:59
praetorianand then we take away their passport12:03
chrisjrndon't spoil the surprise12:04
praetorianeveryone, please type /clear12:05
MarkusHpraetorian: wasn't that /quit ? :-P12:09
praetoriandoesnt work12:12
*** ChanServ changes topic to "PyCon Australia -- July 31-August 4 2015, Brisbane, Queensland | Registration Open @ http://pycon-au.org ! | PyCon AU 2014 now available at https://www.youtube.com/PyConAU"12:23
chrisjrnwho did that12:23
MarkusHI didn't12:24
MarkusHchrisjrn: have a look at /msg chanserv flags #pyconau12:25
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LawnGnomeI assume this is somewhere on the Web site and I'm just blind, but what day is the dinner?18:32
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LawnGnomeThank you!18:34
praetorian..and that was an assumption based off eery other year18:34
praetoriani dont see why it would be different, its in the middle of the two day conf18:35
LawnGnomeYeah. That was what I would have assumed too, but I just wanted to check it wasn't the Friday night.18:35
LawnGnomeMy visit to Brisbane is extremely hit-and-run.18:36
praetorianwould be sat.18:38
praetoriani'd bet a horse on it18:38
* praetorian has no horse18:38
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chrisjrnLawnGnome: definitely the Saturday.20:26
chrisjrnWe should have a programme up real soon now.20:27
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