Friday, 2015-06-05

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jheskethlifeless: png01:34
jhesketh*ping even01:34
lifelessjhesketh: that was pong :->01:47
jheskethlifeless: so, we should put together the openstack miniconf schedule01:48
jheskethdo you have time today or early next week to work on it?01:48
jheskethlifeless: monday is a public holiday here. How about tuesday?01:54
lifelesstuesday is possible, may have some interrupts; failing that wed afternoon?01:54
jheskethlifeless: works for me.. I might try and look at it today and email you a proposal then we don't have to coordinate on time so much unless we have wildly different ideas01:55
lifelessthat sounds super helpful01:56
lifelessbut you've done the real hard work already AFAICT01:57
jheskethwell the papers programme did :-)01:57
lifelessso don't stress - we can hop on a video and bang it out next week01:57
jheskethyep, I just know Richard would like to send out final invites/declines asap01:57
croy_(and don't forget to tell me if your miniconf is full, i would like to close off the cfp before opening regos)03:22
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