Friday, 2015-05-08

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chrisjrnlast day! omg!00:11
MarkusHyeah, 21:35 hours left to hand in my last proposal ...00:26
MarkusHthat should be enough *g*00:26
chrisjrnsure :)00:59
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chrisjrn*looks at the proposal count*05:57
chrisjrnKeep submitting proposals, everyone! :D05:57
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chrisjrnkandinski: hello!08:15
kandinskichrisjrn, for presentations that could be short (just the what and why) or long (the what, how and why), is it reasonable to present them twice, once as a 25 minute preso, and once as a 45 minute preso?08:15
kandinskior would you rather I submit a 45 minute talk, then say I can excise the how bit, leave it at 25?08:15
kandinskialso hello!08:16
chrisjrnSo, not speaking as the entire programming committee08:16
kandinskiI'm crazy homesick for Melbourne, it's insane.08:16
kandinskiyeah, your preference is good.08:16
kandinskiI'm enjoying Madrid so much, and homesick for Melbourne. Weird.08:17
chrisjrnI think submit both, and but make them independent08:17
kandinskiindependent? Like the other one doesn't exist?08:17
chrisjrndo *not* expect us to accept them both, or order them as expected08:17
kandinskino, of course, they would be almost identical, not reasonable to accept them both08:18
chrisjrnOh ok08:18
kandinskione is "what how why", the second is "what why"08:18
chrisjrnwell I think submit the 45 only08:18
chrisjrnand say that it could be cut down to 25 in specific ways08:18
kandinskithe "how" is the bit that adds 20m to the 25m one08:18
kandinskiright, I'll do that.08:18
kandinskiwhere are you physically right now?08:19
kandinskiyou are a regular Carmen Sandiego08:19
kandinskioh, cast against type!08:19
kandinskiare you coming to EuroPython?08:19
kandinskiI should say "going to EuroPython", since I won't be in Bilbao, but in Madrid08:19
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chrisjrnNope, OSCON is on then08:20
chrisjrnand I don't have the wherewithal to go to EP08:20
chrisjrnmaybe next year08:20
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kandinskiis offline?08:31
chrisjrnit is for the moment08:31
chrisjrn works08:31
tpbTitle: PyCon Australia | August 1st-5th 2014 | Brisbane, Queensland (at
kandinskicool, thanks08:31
kandinskiGot an HTTP 302 response at crawl time08:32
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chrisjrnhey AlecTaylor09:35
AlecTaylorJust working on my presentation proposal, any chance for some early feedback? :)09:36
chrisjrnYes indeed; notinh that I am on the programme committe, but do not represent them09:36
kandinskiAlecTaylor: I'm not on the committee, but I was last year.09:37
kandinskiSo happy to help.09:37
kandinskiI love the word committee09:37
AlecTaylorGreat, I'll Pandoc my proposal and put it in a gist :)09:37
chrisjrnall of the double letters09:37
kandinskiit feels such an achievement to be able to type it automatically09:37
kandinskiMississipee and Tennessee09:37
kandinskiAlecTaylor: I have to leave the house to go fetch my girls from school.09:38
kandinskiBut I will be working on my own proposal until close to deadline too09:38
kandinskiso back atcha in 90 min or so, if that's ok.09:38
AlecTaylorMaybe I'll have some dinner :P09:39
kandinskiyeah, different strokes for different timezones09:39
AlecTaylorParse errors FTW: pandoc: Cannot decode byte '\x95': Data.Text.Internal.Encoding.Fusion.streamUtf809:42
AlecTaylor: Invalid UTF-8 stream09:42
AlecTaylorWelcome to the real world :P09:42
tpbTitle: PyCon talk proposal (at
AlecTaylorHard to know if it's more of a Linux Conference type talk, but I think there's sufficient Python focus for it to be of interest+relevance09:50
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chrisjrnAlecTaylor: it needs a lot more detail in the abstract -- I don't think I could assess the content of the talk from the abstract10:04
chrisjrnBUT I think the topic has merit10:05
chrisjrn(how to host your stuff in an interesting way)10:05
chrisjrnSo I think, make sure you explain the topic better in the abstract and that'll help a lot10:15
AlecTaylorMight throw in some marketing stuff to start it off also10:21
chrisjrngood luck :)10:24
kandinskihi, back10:30
kandinskiI too think the talk would sell better if the abstract talked about how being a Python user puts you in a good place to start using this kind of pipelines10:31
kandinski"because you are a Python user, you can use these great tools: Libcloud, Fabric, whateverelese_you're_using_that_has_python_in_it10:32
kandinskiI find many Markdown processors/editors, but I just need a viewer. Any recommendation for Ubuntu/Debian?10:52
tpbTitle: ReText / Home / ReText (at
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AlecTaylorkandinski, chrisjrn: Thanks, I've taken your advice aboard; thought? - - Or does it need to be more expansive?11:03
tpbTitle: PyCon talk proposal (at
kandinskithe word Python does not even appear in the abstract11:03
kandinskiunless either of us got the wrong link11:04
kandinskithe private abstract is for clarifications for the committee, but think of how this presentation reads to someone attending a Python conference. I know Python is implicit in the fac tthat it's Pycon, but you need to establish the relationship IMHO.11:06
kandinskihow does Python help me get portability and reduced cost11:06
kandinskihow can I use Python to simplify these workflows?11:07
AlecTaylorFor sure, okay, rewriting11:07
kandinskiit seems like most of the software is in Go, but most of the stuff that you would customise would be in Python11:07
kandinskibecause I am reading the private abstract and because I also work doing devops (your stack is very similar to my own)11:07
kandinskibut think how it looks to the Python person who knows nothing about devops but wants to learn11:08
kandinskialso, change "which I have combined" to "which you can combine"11:09
kandinskiit currently reads a bit for suits, "this is what I can do for you"11:09
kandinskiand unless I am mistaken, Pycon attendants are more of the "I'm going to learn how I can do this for my clients/company/myself"11:10
AlecTaylorkandinski: Mmm, well everything I'm doing is open-source and well-documented. So it's more like saying "here's what I've done, enjoy"11:20
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kandinskiI'm just reading the abstract.11:20
* AlecTaylor is still rewriting11:21
kandinskiMy suggestions are because the abstract does not communicate what the private abstract and your comments here do.11:21
* AlecTaylor updated11:23
AlecTaylorkandinski: Doesn't the private abstract give too much away? - Otherwise they'll just look at those components + my code and will be twiddling thumbs until question time!11:24
kandinskipeople go to the presentations to get the gist of things without having to spend lots of time reading documentation themselves11:24
kandinskiI mean, I work doing devops, I would still attend to learn what it is that you are differently and why11:24
kandinskiI don't understand why your private abstract is private, there is nothing sensitive11:26
kandinskithe solution presented is entirely open-source11:26
AlecTaylorSo remove the private abstract, and just append it all to the bottom?11:26
kandinskithat's a selling point for the talk to the audience11:26
AlecTaylorkandinski: Yeah, everything is open-source11:26
AlecTaylor(and will be released in time for the conference)11:27
kandinskiI don't know remove and just append, but I see no sensitive information there11:27
kandinskiwell, that is something that should be in the private abstract11:27
kandinskithere is a certain amount of prevention around conference-based development11:27
kandinskimy own proposal has a bit of that, but I offer browsable repos of work already done11:27
kandinskiso it's clear that it's not vapourware11:28
* AlecTaylor updated11:28
AlecTaylorkandinski: Oh, I'm developing it for my own consultancy, unrelated to the conference11:29
AlecTaylorSelling point is integration, not the software itself11:29
AlecTaylor(so software will always be open-source, all components including dashboards)11:29
kandinskithat is something for the private abstract11:33
kandinskiroadmap, those assurances11:33
AlecTaylorOkay, will add that in. Thanks for the help11:33
AlecTaylorkandinski: Hmm, you think this is a 30 or 45 minute talk?11:40
kandinskiI'm notoriously bad at this11:40
kandinskiI mean, I think mine should be 45 and, with few exceptions, everybody else's should be 2511:41
kandinskihow I iterate through README versions: $ git add -u && git commit --amend -C HEAD && git push -f11:42
kandinskisad but true11:42
AlecTaylorMmm, but from what you've seen of this, I'm guessing I should change it to 45 mins11:43
kandinskiThat is up to you, but I still see it as a 25min talk on a stack. Then again, I'm hardly the one to speak, since I am proposing a 45 min talk.11:44
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zakiakhmadhello all12:40
zakiakhmadwhere I can see lists of presentation slides from previous pycon-au?12:41
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kandinskiI submit!13:20 is your best bet13:20
kandinskizakiakhmad:, then google for talk title is what I do13:20
kandinskioops, pushing to bitbucket takes bloody ages13:31
zakiakhmadkandinski: Did you submit proposal to pycon-au 2015?14:19
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kandinskioops, I was going to answer in the positive14:22
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