Friday, 2015-04-10

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ShadizzleNever been to pycon before. How much are tickets?02:03
croy_i don't have the numbers in front of me at themoment i'm afraid, roughly $30002:07
ShadizzleOK, roughly is fine. Thanks.02:08
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praetorianthese were last years prices:
tpbTitle: Screen Shot 2015-04-10 at 13.51.57.png Droplr (at
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ShadizzleCheers. So $200 - $450. What do you get out of a "professional listing"?04:36
croy_Shadizzle: listed as a professional in our conference booklet04:42
ShadizzleOK, so it's kind of like street cred? You're a for real python maven.04:44
croy_yeah, pretty much04:45
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tserongre: professional tickets, if your employer is paying for you to go, and it's thus tax deductible, it's, um, nicer ;) to buy a pro ticket, as these community/grassroots conferences having more funds is always good ;)05:07
tserong(hrm.. that was a lot of winking. i must have developed a nervous twitch or something)05:07
ShadizzleI thought that might be what it's about. Fair enough. OK, thanks for the info everybody.05:17
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praetorianno ;) worries ;) see ;) you ;) there! ;)05:45
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MarkusHAre talks about non-python stuff allowed? I'm considering handing in a proposal about configuration and system management. Something (Dev)Ops related08:48
MarkusHbut not limited to OpenStack (in fact I have never used OpenStack)09:00
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praetorianinclude ansible. that's python. ;)10:00
praetorianthere was an openstack miniconf last year.10:00
MarkusHpraetorian: there is this year as well10:03
praetorianthere's a possibility they will. the program for last year had non-python stuff in it too10:07
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hawkowlMarkusH: i think if it's of usefulness to the Python community then it's okay10:30
hawkowlMarkusH: not all things useful to Python are in Python10:31
MarkusHhawkowl: thanks10:31
chrisjrnShadizzle: You also do not get a company name on your badge if you buy a low-cost ticket.11:28
chrisjrnMarkusH: hawkowl's summary is accurate as far as the last two programme cttes have been concerned11:29
Shadizzlechrisjrn: The ticket names seem to express fairly well the intention of each ticket. If you're going in the interest of professional development, or your company is paying for your ticket, the professional ticket is intended for you. Or if you feel like pitching that extra bit more ;)11:34
ShadizzleOr at least that's the impression that I've gathered.11:35
chrisjrnThat's exactly it. We sell the tickets at prices where we think we'll make money if we sell at the rates the've gone in the past11:35
ShadizzleYep, sounds reasonable.11:49
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