Thursday, 2015-04-09

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croy_dang, i can't set the topic03:37
croy_Anyway, if you're in Brisbane this weekend, we're holding a Proposal writing bee:
tpbTitle: PyCon Australia 2015 proposal working bee - Brisbane Python User Group (Brisbane) - Meetup (at
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kandinskiI thought I might as well reduce the latency in this conversation14:41
kandinskiah, also I want to volunteer to do stuff on-site. I don't want to have anything to do with the talk selection committee this year, but I'd love to be a hall monitor or whatever is needed during the conference.14:42
kandinskiIt's tomorrow there. But chrisjrn is at Pycon US in Montreal, right?14:42
kandinskiSo 10.40 earlier this morning?14:42
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chrisjrnkandinski: yeah, I'm in Montreal, and it's mid-morning14:58
chrisjrnkandinski: We'll have a call for volunteers later in the year14:59
kandinskicool. and cool also what you suggest. You're right, of course. And my wanting the Pycon CoC by-reference and not being fussed by-value allows me to keep being right. Yay!15:00
kandinskiAlso, I'm in Madrid until first week of July. Anyone who can make it here gets a drinking night on me.15:00
kandinski"you never say that about Melbourne, Javier" well, prices are 3x in Melbourne, and I don't know where the cool private bars are in Melbourne.15:01
kandinskiso take it or effing leave it, ungrateful strawperson15:02
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chrisjrnkandinski: your rhetorical devices really seem to hate you17:20
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kandinskichrisjrn: I'm all hopped up on flu meds too17:57
chrisjrnoh that must be exciting for you17:58
kandinskivery. That and eating Spanish food again.17:58
kandinskiDealing with sick kids and bureaucracy, not so much.17:58
kandinskiEuroPython is in Bilbao in July, hmm.17:58
kandinskiWe're leaving on the 7th, though.17:59
kandinskithe bar food in Bilbao is much better than in Madrid17:59
chrisjrnI have heard a bunch of OK things about Bilbao17:59
kandinskilike, it can be good in Madrid, if you know where to look. It's fucking excellent in Bilbao, ranging all the way up to glorious.18:00
kandinskiGuggenheim is impressive, and the countriside is beautiful, although to a Tasmanian it would be a bit of "yeah, nothing I don't have at home"18:01
kandinskicountryside even18:01
chrisjrnYup :)18:04
chrisjrnteh whole museum thing might be an interesting comparison18:04
kandinskiMy aussie wife was amazed at the hectares and hectares of olive trees in the south, even up very steep hills18:04
chrisjrnhah :)18:04
kandinskisome of these fields have been cultivated uninterruptedly for 2, 3 thousand years18:05
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kandinskiiberians, phoenicians, greeks, romans, christians, muslims, christians again fought for those lands18:05
kandinskiand we were on a bus, seeing olive tree (the symbol of peace) after olive tree pass by18:06
kandinskiwith high speed train, it's a weekend jaunt from Bilbao to Sevilla. Or you can land in Madrid, go to Bilbao for Europython, then go to Sevilla/Cordoba/Granada for tourism, then back to Madrid and fly out.18:06
kandinskiI swear I'm not paid by the Tourist Board. I'm just elated to be here again.18:07
kandinskiand being asked by friends and family to help them with trip planning, so it rolls of the tongue easily now.18:08
chrisjrnI'm the same for tasmania :P18:08
kandinskiman, I'm following your twitter stream. I so wish I was there. Also wat at your ./boop xecutablisation. wat indeed.18:14
chrisjrnThere'll be a video of this by the end of the day18:14
chrisjrnI want dave to keynote pyconau one of these days, btw18:14
chrisjrnhe melts brains and faces18:14
kandinskisure, videos are great. I also have a good friend who moved to Montréal...18:15
chrisjrnMontréal is lovely too18:15
chrisjrndespite a tad of snow this morning18:15
kandinskiI studied French as my second language in uni. I'd love to test it out in Montréal.18:16
chrisjrnyou think they speak french hahaha18:16
kandinskiI already used the shit out of it in Lafayette when I was in NOLA.18:16
chrisjrnfair enough18:16
kandinskiMoi je le sais, je les ai oui!18:16
kandinskiit's a great way to automatically not be a typical tourist18:16
kandinskiyou're still clearly a tourist, but especially with a Spanish accent18:17
kandinskithe Lafayette people did not know what to make of the French-talking 'Mexican'18:17
kandinskivery polite digging of origins ensued at EVERY STOP18:18
kandinskimy then gf, NOLA native, cracking up from a safe distance18:18
kandinskishe was monolingual, but could say "bonne chance" and "a tout à l'heure" in the local accent18:19
kandinskiYes, I'd pay extra for a dabeaz keynote18:19
chrisjrnwe tried him for 201318:19
chrisjrngot alex gaynor instead. That's not so bad18:19
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kandinskiyeah, not chopped liver either. Still, I've learned useful things today just from hanging out here.18:20
kandinskiand on the hashtag stream18:20
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