Tuesday, 2015-03-31

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MarkusHchrisjrn: is there an update on my "Email address not working" issue (I mailed on March 28, 2015 9:11pm)? Or do you mind just dropping the "+pyconau" from my mail address and resend the verification token?01:00
chrisjrnThat's not going to fix it, unfortunately.01:01
MarkusHah, no worries01:02
MarkusHshall I just create another account?01:03
chrisjrnBasically, the VM hosting our current website is brand-new, and so the reverse DNS for that machine wasn't set up correctly. This is breaking SPF for domains that need it.01:03
chrisjrnWe'll be able to re-send your verification e-mail once we've fixed the host01:03
MarkusHah, ok01:03
MarkusHnvmd then01:03
MarkusHThanks for looking into it01:03
chrisjrnthat's OK. Our sysadmin was sitting next to me when you raised the issue. Turns out it just isn't something we can turn around in an hour01:04
chrisjrnthanks for bearing with us!01:04
MarkusHIf you can't fix the issues I just gonne mail you my proposals :-P :D01:05
chrisjrnwe'll have it sorted well before close01:06
chrisjrnand you'll be the first to know when it's fixed01:06
MarkusHHeading to bed now. I'm a couple of hours behind you01:07
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chrisjrnMarkusH: We have probably fixed the underlying issue on the PyCon web server; we'll just need someone to re-jig your confirmation e-mail23:11
chrisjrnwhen you receive it, you'll be good to go23:11
MarkusHchrisjrn: Thanks :)23:13
MarkusHI'll keep you posted23:13
chrisjrnNot a problem23:13
chrisjrnat the moment I don't have access to the conference management system, otherwise I'd have already clicked the button23:14
MarkusHNo worries23:25

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