Sunday, 2014-08-10

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chrisjrnLast chance for DCAU t-shirts!
tpbTitle: DjangoCon AU 2014 | Teespring (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: DjangoCon AU 2014 | Teespring (at
praetoriani do like the design.08:06
chrisjrnI almost like it08:06
praetorianit seems to have almost a pun to the whole maccas meat fiasco.08:07
praetorian <=- city2surf's auto social posting has issues.08:08
tpbTitle: Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 18.08.05.png Droplr (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 18.08.05.png Droplr (at
hawkowl < also14:47
tpbTitle: PyCon Australia 2014 At Least For Now (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: PyCon Australia 2014 At Least For Now (at
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FunkyBobwell, before I depart... thanks to all involved, and especially the organisers..22:15
FunkyBobI had a wonderful time this year, and am looking forward to next year :)22:16
FunkyBobI think the only significant improvement I can suggest is a map of the venue inside the lanyards, and a map + directions on the web site22:16
FunkyBoband given they're quite small things... well :)22:17
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