Friday, 2014-08-01

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mithroHeyo everyone, We are doing some experimental live streaming from PyCon AU at - can you give it a go and report any issues to me?00:14
tpbTitle: PyCon AU 2014 - Brisbane (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: PyCon AU 2014 - Brisbane (at
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FunkyBobdon't suppose anyone has screen wipes or something else I can use to clean my keyboard?01:44
micolousBy the way, updated mobile programme from last year so it has this year's programme on it:
tpbTitle: Unofficial PyCon AU Mobile Programme (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: Unofficial PyCon AU Mobile Programme (at
xfxfFunkyBob: just wash your laptop under a tap, she'll be right ;-)01:45
micolousyay double-logbot01:45
FunkyBobyou first :P01:45
xfxfFunkyBob: yeah well... i know they don't like red bull01:46
praetorianmicolous: needs an iOS7 refresh01:46
micolouspraetorian: lol01:46
micolousI'll use material design! :P01:47
ZimskyFunkyBob: funny I was wondering the same thing01:47
praetorianmicolous: maybe WebOS? i miss those days.01:47
pyconau-logbotTitle: Listview - jQuery Mobile Demos (at
tpbTitle: Listview - jQuery Mobile Demos (at
micolousDoes that look ios-y enough for you ?:P01:48
praetoriandunno. dont use ios :>01:49
* praetorian runs01:49
xfxflooks like ios6 more than ios701:49
micolousmaybe gpe's UI would be a better fit01:49
xfxfthat said i don't particularly think apple's ui design is to be heralded as something to adhere to anymore01:49
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schinckelSmileyChris: So I’m seeing a fair bit of lag between sound and video on the live stream. Sound is several seconds ahead of video.01:51
SmileyChrismithro: ^01:52
schinckelmithro: I think Andrew’s talk was relatively synced, but Chris’s postgres talk was pretty out of sync01:52
mithroschinckel: out of sync? As in the audio?01:53
mithroschinckel: which room is that?01:53
SmileyChrismain theatre01:53
schinckelmithro: theatre?
tpbTitle: Streaming for Theatre - DjangoCon (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: Streaming for Theatre - DjangoCon (at
schinckelmithro: Seems like the sound is nearly 30 seconds ahead of video.01:54
schinckelHmm. A refresh might have fixed it.01:54
mithroschinckel: what browser?01:55
schinckelNow that I think of it, there were some video glitches (pausing) during the first few minutes of the postgres talk.01:55
praetoriani wasnt getting sound at all before01:55
schinckelmithro: CHrome.01:55
schinckelSafari wasn’t loading at all (but I don’t have flash installed there)01:55
xfxfmithro: is an encoder hitting cpu limits somewhere?01:56
mithroxfxf: nope02:03
mithroschinckel: we aren't doing h264 encoding I believe02:03
mithroschinckel: oh, wait we are...02:04
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mithrodoes someone who has a Mac want to drop by the A/V NOC in about 30 minutes?02:27
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ZimskyI really should enable irc timestamps03:04
koobsso whats happening?03:15
koobslive streeeeeeeam </need>03:15
CarlFKis the sponsor loop a .dv file being looped and feed into dvswitch?03:16
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xfxfmithro: nfi whether this is the issue but might be worth poking av team to check - i noticed slave laptop in room i'm in is closed.  cpu may be throttling due to heat03:29
mithroCarlFK: yes03:29
xfxfmithro: your documentation for installing your streaming systems assumes some python/django knowledge.  will you accept a patch for some extra steps/explanation?03:33
mithroxfxf: no, of course not :P03:33
xfxfmithro: actually i'll move this to the right channel03:33
xfxfmithro: np, already made a local branch03:33
xfxfoh wait, you said no.  FINE ;)03:34
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hawkiekoobs: yo03:40
koobshawkie: lol03:40
hawkiealso yo to elsewhere03:40
koobsabout time03:41
tchorizowe have an edit conflict on
pyconau-logbotTitle: PyCon Australia | August 1st-5th 2014 | Brisbane, QueenslandIcebreakerDinners - PyCon-AU 2014 (at
tpbTitle: PyCon Australia | August 1st-5th 2014 | Brisbane, QueenslandIcebreakerDinners - PyCon-AU 2014 (at
tchorizoactually several of them03:42
koobshawkie: whens your talk?03:45
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tchorizohappily there's no longer any edit conflicts on
tchorizounhappily that's because the page no longer exists03:47
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tchorizoand now it's back03:49
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mithrofreakboy3742: ping?03:58
freakboy3742pong - I'm front row on the right in the DCAU room03:59
freakboy3742abut to go on stage to give my own talk03:59
mithrofreakboy3742: I need a way to automatically add a bunch of new columns when the models are updated04:00
mithroall these django tools like south and djang-evolution seem to need me to have started using them before I changed my models04:02
SmileyChrismithro: comment out the new fields, run the initial schema generation, then add them back in and run another schema generation04:03
mithroSmileyChris: now I get "The error was: object name reserved for internal use: sqlite_autoindex_tracker_endpoint_1"04:07
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schinckelmithro: Seems like the stream has dropped out now?05:11
mithroschinckel: which room?05:11
schinckelOkay, back now.05:12
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FunkyBobwhen/where will the videos be online?05:25
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Hawkiekoobs: are you watching the feed :)06:17
koobswhich feed?06:21
koobs[email protected]?06:21
Hawkiekoobs: there was a feed that someone linked on irc06:22
HawkieYou missed my lightning talk an hour ago then :p06:22
koobswhat, video?06:22
koobsneed that link :]06:23
HawkieCheck on twitter06:23 I think06:25
koobsstream goes for .5 seconds06:27
aps-sidskoobs: that is a problem with html5 stream. Please switch to Flash if possible.06:30
koobsoh, very good06:30
koobsthank you aps-sids06:30
aps-sidsyw :)06:30
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koobs*hd on*06:31
aps-sidsWe hope to fix HTML5 streamin future.06:31
mithrokoobs: are you on firefox?06:32
mithroaps-sids: Chrome appears to works fine with the HTML5 stream06:33
koobsmithro: yup, beta06:33
koobs@openstack kill pbr06:34
pyconau-logbotkoobs: Error: "openstack" is not a valid command.06:34
koobsmithro: recently updated, 32b206:34
aps-sidsIt's not working in firefox 31 as well06:35
mithroaps-sids: there is something in webm that it doesn't like06:35
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mithroaps-sids: love help trying to figure it out :)06:57
mithroaps-sids: it'd probably go away if we moved to the latest gstreamer06:58
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Hawkiekoobs: that question on twisted was just me btw07:21
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koobsHawkie: ahh :D07:46
koobsHawkie: wait, i missed it, question where? :D07:46
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FunkyBobI asked this earlier... but didn't see a reply08:51
FunkyBobdoes anyone know the timeline on the videos being online?08:51
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bmispelonHi all10:00
bmispelonFYI, the link (found on twitter) is currently showing a nice error page...10:00
mithrobmispelon: that URL is wrong10:01
mithrobmispelon: you just want
tpbTitle: PyCon AU 2014 - Brisbane (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: PyCon AU 2014 - Brisbane (at
bmispelonfound it by
pyconau-logbotTitle: Twitter / pyconau: We have an experimental live ... (at
tpbTitle: Twitter / pyconau: We have an experimental live ... (at
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bmispelonoh wait, that tweet is a year old...10:02
bmispelonmithro: sorry, I just did a search for "pyconau stream" on twitter and didn't look at the dates10:04
mithrobmispelon: no worries, I guess I should set up a redirect10:05
bmispelonmithro: is the code for the website up somewhere?10:05
mithrobmispelon: yes and we could use help with it :P10:05
bmispelonlet me see what I can do (I think a 404 in that case might be a better error)10:07
bmispelonin any case, you might want to switch to DEBUG=False for the live site10:07
mithrobmispelon: if I turn of debug, it will redirect you back to the base site10:07
mithrobmispelon: but then it makes it much harder to figure out what is going wrong10:07
bmispelonnormally, Django sends the traceback to the emails in settings.ADMINISTRATORS10:09
bmispelonyou can also configure something like sentry10:09
mithrobmispelon: we get lots of errors :P10:09
mithrobmispelon: whole system cobbled together with duct table and string10:09
bmispelonat least you're not running off sqlite :)10:09
bmispelonI think the internet is mostly made of duct tape and string anyway :)10:10
mithrobmispelon: we where until it annoyed someone enough :P10:11
Zimskyread that as "sps-aids"10:12
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schinckelAnyone have a link for the github repo from the djangocon lightning talk about accessing web APIs “using” the orm?11:33
tpbTitle: mbylstra/django-wham · GitHub (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: mbylstra/django-wham · GitHub (at
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FunkyBobmorning all21:46
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FunkyBobwould still love to hear something about when/where the videos may be available22:19
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prologicmorn'n all23:15
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mithroIf anyone is interested, we are attempting to stream PyCon AU conference at - Full schedule is at - please report any issues to me23:20
pyconau-logbotTitle: PyCon AU 2014 - Brisbane (at
tpbTitle: PyCon AU 2014 - Brisbane (at
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mithroCan anyone who has twitter retweet the PyCon AU announcement - ?23:44
tpbTitle: Twitter / TimVideosUs: Attempting to live stream ... (at
pyconau-logbotTitle: Twitter / TimVideosUs: Attempting to live stream ... (at
dibblegowill do23:45
prologicmithro, done23:47
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Zimsky-it's nice that everyone has a publicly routed address23:49
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mithroZimsky-: ?23:51
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Zimsky-mithro: rather than getting NAT addresses and all going through a single gateway, we're getting 138.44/16 addresses23:56
Zimsky-(good thing)23:56
mithroZimsky-: ah yeah, that's thanks to AARnet23:56

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