Thursday, 2014-07-31

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tchaypoand willingness to trash the first 17 drafts01:05
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hawkowloff to brisbane!01:35
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* jhesketh is en route to the airport in pouring rain... 02:13
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dalaingHi all06:17
dalaingI'm having some trouble registering06:18
dalaingPossibly because I just want to go to one of the mini-confs as an enthusiast, which doesn't seem to be an option06:18
dalaingAny ideas on things I might try?06:19
chrisjrndalaing: Miniconfs should be open, you need to pay for one of them separately06:19
chrisjrnor rather, on top of the ticket price06:19
dalaingah, so there's no option to attend just a miniconf?06:19
chrisjrnIf you want to attend just a miniconf, choose the "friday only" ticket. Otherwise, buy the enthusiast ticket.06:20
dalaingI might pass - I was only going to be turning up for one of the talks, $150 is a bit out of my price range for that06:21
dalaingThanks for the info though06:21
chrisjrnNo, it's just $10006:21
chrisjrnthe the $50 extra is waived06:21
dalaingthat still seems to be at odds with the pricing page06:25
dalainganyhow, thanks for the information06:25
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NathanWanyone know what the parking cost is, if any?06:25
tpbTitle: CAR PARKING (at
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NathanWis there any sprint projects listed, or is just work on whatever?06:54
jheskethBrisbane, you gave terrible traffic06:59
Json_AusCERTbut great weather07:00
jheskethThat's true. It was pouring where I left07:00
jheskethWith snow on the mountain07:00
jgatwhat's snow?07:09
jheskethIt's this thing that looks nice from inside next to a fire07:10
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tchaypochrisjrn: is there going to be somewhere on the website i can add a link to my slides after my talk?08:13
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SmileyChrisWell, Brisbane is warmer than Wellington :P08:36
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asalkelddo we have to bring something printed out tomorrow?09:43
asalkeldcan't seem to find anything except a tax invoice09:43
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FunkyBobok... I think I need a map to know where to go :)11:27
FunkyBobthat place looks big11:29
chrisjrnFunkyBob: it's quite expansive11:30
chrisjrnEnter off Grey St and you'll be fine!11:30
FunkyBobah, ok11:30
FunkyBobmy appt is near Merivale...11:30
FunkyBobgrey st is the other side of the rail line11:31
NathanWpretty handy when Google Maps has the rooms inside marked11:36
FunkyBobit's not showing them for me ...11:39
FunkyBobah... I thought you meant room names11:40
NathanWsome do
NathanWalthough I'm sure there is a better map on the site11:42
FunkyBobhaven't found it yet11:49
FunkyBobbit of an oversight...11:51
FunkyBobno more clarity?11:53
NathanWI think it would be signed in the morning11:54
FunkyBobbecause from the map I wouldn't have thoguht there was any part of it on grey st11:54
FunkyBoba lot of people are going to be lost, then11:54
FunkyBobam trying to find where on the site it says grey st11:56
NathanWFunkyBob: that is the main entrance off Gray St,153.019808,3a,86.6y,236.72h,94.5t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sDXJkZ-i4v40mkaAlbDoQtQ!2e011:57
tpbTitle: Google Maps (at
FunkyBobthe tag in google maps puts it over the other side of the rail11:59
NathanWFunkyBob: you will find it, don't worry.  Follow everyone else, that is always my plan12:02
NathanWsometimes that doesn't work out right :P12:02
FunkyBobstill think a map would have been a good idea... or at least a "enter from the main entrance on grey st"12:02
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Zimskyshould really have like those sign stands on the ground12:26
Zimskyjust look for people with laptops, glasses and long hair12:30
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praetorianand a bias towards macs.12:38
Zimskylike me12:39
Zimskyactually that's not entirely true12:39
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Zimskythere's a considerable number who solely use linux/bsd13:11
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zimsky--Probably been asked a million times but where exactly is the entrance to the centre22:38
zimsky--Actually never mind I'm retarded.22:39
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micolousBig line is big22:50
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koobsOH HAI22:56
koobschrisjrn: live stream? :)22:57
micolous yay working22:58
tpbTitle: Unofficial PyCon AU Mobile Programme (at
micolouskoobs: i heard rumors the possibility was being looked up22:58
micolousBut it may only be for the conference proper22:59
koobsmicolous: are you michael?22:59
micolousOr later on22:59
micolousI remember you :P22:59
micolousYou used to sit on IRC with my brother.22:59
koobsI did? Who's your brother and which IRC? :)23:00
micolousMaybe, I think23:00
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micolousIt was a long time ago and your name seems familiar?23:01
micolousMy brother was Alex23:01
micolousMaybe I'm thinking of something else23:01
koobshmm :)23:01
koobsI know a few alex's23:01
koobsmicolous: are you in BNE for the conf?23:03
koobsmicolous: jealous ;(~23:07
FunkyBobthis conference needs MAPS23:14
FunkyBobor at least signs to what's where23:14
Zimskydid you find where to go23:14
adambreneckiFunkyBob: here’s one:
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FunkyBobZimsky: yeah, after finding every other room first23:23
FunkyBobsee, a map like that on the back of the tickets would be really handy23:23
FunkyBobs/tickets/id cards/23:23
adambreneckiFunkyBob: I got all excited when I noticed they were folded in half, thinking there was a schedule inside23:23
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adambreneckimy plan is to print out a map and a schedule for Sat/Sun and glue them inside mine23:24
FunkyBoboh, eyah... didn't notice they're folded23:25
FunkyBobyeah, that'd be a great thing23:25
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