Wednesday, 2014-07-30

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chrisjrnZimsky: eh, it needs to move around.03:27
lifelessjhesketh: this may sound odd, but I can't find my damn abstract :/03:41
lifelessah, found it03:42
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lifelessjhesketh: I might be doing the stock talk antipattern04:37
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hawkowlhaha my abstract says i talk about things i totally ended up cutting in drafts *sob*09:35
hawkowlgod it’s almost like i need to end up writing a fucking book on it09:36
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chrisjrnhawkowl: I can introduce you to a publisher if you like? :P10:32
hawkowl(that might actually be cool)10:32
hawkowli do intend on writing a book about it, but, idk10:32
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hawkowli wonder how hard it would be to actually go all out and write a book, heh12:48
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chrisjrnhawkowl: just time and patience17:32

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