Tuesday, 2014-07-29

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praetorianme? no.. ill stil be in japan.00:28
chrisjrnDamn. I was hoping to give blr an answer03:23
chrisjrnwhich is "DjangoCon" likes to have contrarian keynotes03:23
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praetorianbtw the link for 'opening keynote' on schedule/friday goes to an un-existing moinmoin page05:33
praetorianand the Welcome for DjangoConf links to http://sites.rcbops.com/openstack_miniconf/2014/07/openstack-miniconf-programme-for-pycon-au/#welcome05:34
tpbTitle: OpenStack miniconf programme for PyCon AU | PyCon AU OpenStack miniconf (at sites.rcbops.com)05:34
praetorianoh damn. simonw's talks look interesting05:36
ZimskyI liked hobart06:09
Zimskyhopefully there won't be "PyCon AU 2016 - Oodnadatta"06:10
Zimskyin january or something06:10
praetoriani'd like pycon 2016 in perth06:29
praetorianbut i think its more realistic it will be melbourne06:29
Zimskywhen was the last time it was in sydney08:16
chrisjrnZimsky: 2010/2011. It won't be back to Sydney any time soon I reckon23:25

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