Monday, 2014-07-28

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fraseis pyconau at bcec on grey, or over the other side?00:28
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chrisjrnfrase: It's the newer bit on Grey st02:28
frasechrisjrn: thanks fella02:52
chrisjrnnot a problem02:55
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hawkowldo we get ~badges~ :O13:24
kcunningAre they already giving those out?13:24
hawkowli dunno13:24
hawkowlif we do, i guess i need to make sure mine actually has my name right13:25
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praetorian'hawk owl'16:56
chrisjrnpraetorian: problem?20:21
chrisjrnhawkowl: yeah, it'll be formatted as per your registration20:21
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blrjust curious as to why someone that is publicaly scathing of Python, and generally abusive is giving _two_ keynotes at pycon and djangocon?23:22
blrerr publicly23:22
blrhere's a gem he retweeted the other day "yup, Python is a match made in heaven for ppl who don't want to know wth they are doing and still get some illusion of success"23:23
blrseriously wtf23:23
jgati don't know about djangocon, but i didn't think he was speaking at pycon?23:32
blrclosing keynote apparently23:32
blron friday23:34
jgatoh sorry, by "don't know about djangocon", i meant "don't know why djangocon decided to have him speak"23:34
blrI really don't understand why someone openly hostile to our community would be invited for a keynote hah23:34
blrjgat: 16:1023:36
tpbTitle: Friday Schedule - PyCon Australia | August 1st-5th 2014 | Brisbane, Queensland (at
jgatblr: yep, that's his djangocon keynote23:36
jgathe's not speaking in the main pycon conference though23:36
blrah I see, wasn't aware they were combined23:37
jgatyep, everything in breakout 2 on the friday is djangocon23:37
blralright, I'll say something to them in that case, thanks23:37
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praetorianchrisjrn: never!23:58
praetorianchrisjrn: besides not being at pycon23:58

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