Monday, 2014-07-14

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jheskethlifeless: btw I published the openstack miniconf schedule:
tpbTitle: OpenStack miniconf programme for PyCon AU | PyCon AU OpenStack miniconf (at
jheskethI didn't have a bio for you though if you'd like to shoot that through11:14
jheskethalso if you'd like to spruke it that'd be awesome11:15
lifelesssure, I'll dig up one from somewhere. like lca2013 ;)11:15
hawkowli am emailing tim berners-lee about something in my prsentation11:18
hawkowli am 90% sure i am being way too serious about some web apis11:18
chrisjrnhawkowl: better researched than 90% of something17:32
jayveewho is tim berners-lee? think he was some kind of web developer?22:23

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