Wednesday, 2014-07-09

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jheskethchrisjrn: will the miniconf talks be recorded, or is it the usual "best effort"01:46
chrisjrnjhesketh: best effort at this stage.02:29
jheskethcool, that's what I've told people04:25
jheskethchrisjrn: is there any room for sponsoring miniconf videos or have they been sold04:26
chrisjrnThey're covered as part of the video sponsorship package04:26
jheskethchrisjrn: so another sponsor won't help?04:37
chrisjrnWon't help what?04:38
jheskethchrisjrn: ensure videos for the miniconfs04:38
chrisjrnNo, the issue isn't funding, it's venue access04:38
jheskethcool, thanks04:38
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