Tuesday, 2014-07-08

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thildred_wfhis clinton in here?09:49
chrisjrnthildred_wfh: That's croy, he's since left09:49
thildred_wfhok, just checking09:49
thildred_wfhthanks chrisjrn09:49
thildred_wfhchrisjrn, are you still there?09:59
thildred_wfhdo you have access to the google drive stuff from the conference?09:59
chrisjrnthildred_wfh: yes and yes10:00
thildred_wfhi think i did something silly10:00
thildred_wfhi did a move from "Shared with me" into "My drive"10:00
thildred_wfhbut i don't think that works how I expected it to work10:01
chrisjrnHow so? What am I looking for?10:01
thildred_wfhif you look for James announcement10:03
thildred_wfhor something lke that10:03
thildred_wfhin the promotional materials10:03
thildred_wfhannouncements foldr10:03
chrisjrnIt's not there10:03
thildred_wfhi can see on my side that it seems to be shared with a bunch of you10:03
chrisjrnCan you share it with me explicitly -- [email protected]10:03
chrisjrnI'll move it back into place10:03
thildred_wfhi've fixed it chris10:08
thildred_wfhi'm logged in from 2 accounts10:08
thildred_wfhand it wasn't working as i expected10:08
thildred_wfhcan you confirm that there is a file called james something in there?10:09
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