Tuesday, 2014-06-24

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chrisjrnDon't tell anyone I told you all this, but http://2014.pycon-au.org/programme/schedule/saturday04:25
tpbTitle: Saturday Schedule - PyCon Australia | August 1st-5th 2014 | Brisbane, Queensland (at 2014.pycon-au.org)04:25
tpbTitle: Sunday Schedule - PyCon Australia | August 1st-5th 2014 | Brisbane, Queensland (at 2014.pycon-au.org)04:25
chrisjrnjgat: ^-----------04:25
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elbaschidsweet schedule :)06:15
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elbaschidnow I can't wait for it to be August :)06:15
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chrisjrnelbaschid: looking at the calendar and pulling our collective hairs out06:18
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elbaschidchrisjrn: thanks, mine are too short to do that ;)06:26
chrisjrnyou'd make an excellent conference organiser then :P06:34
elbaschidtalking about that, who's in charge of the volunteers this year?06:36
elbaschidjhesketh: is that your talk about CI testing database migrations?06:36
jheskethelbaschid: correct06:37
elbaschidawesome, do you think I can get some spoilers from you on this?06:37
jheskethsure :-)06:38
elbaschidright this moment I am about to set something like that up for one of my projects06:38
elbaschidwhat is your recommended approach to that?06:39
jheskethdepends a little on how you're currently doing CI?06:39
elbaschidthey are all running on travis06:40
chrisjrnelbaschid: That'd be Ryan Stuart -- we'll have a call for volunteers out later, I suspect06:40
elbaschidchrisjrn: alright, thanks06:40
elbaschidi just wanted to make sure I haven't missed anything...would be a shame06:40
elbaschidjhesketh: I've seen a few projects run a separate script after regular tests have passed06:41
elbaschidrunning the tests against separate DB backends06:41
jheskethelbaschid: right, I'm not familiar with Travis unfortunately06:41
elbaschidwhat CI are you using?06:42
jheskethOpenStack uses gearman to trigger jobs (requested from zuul) which are usually ran by Jenkins (using the jenkins-gearman plugin)06:42
jheskethhowever I wrote another gearman worker called turbo-hipster to run database migrations06:42
jheskethso you could use that if you set up a gearman job to trigger after travis has finished06:43
jheskethbut turbo-hipster also has a large amount of shell that you could look at putting straight into travis that might be helpful06:43
elbaschidso that deals with the setup of the databases and such as well, then?06:47
elbaschidI guess with travis I'd be able to simply use the pre-installed DBs06:48
jheskethelbaschid: yeah, but that parts also quite simple06:48
jheskethit just loads in a dump of the db06:49
elbaschidcan you point me to those shells so I can have bit of a digg through?06:52
jheskethelbaschid: sure, but be warned, shell isn't my first language ;-()06:54
tpbTitle: stackforge/turbo-hipster - A generic zuul worker using the gearman protocol. (at git.openstack.org)06:55
elbaschidjhesketh: that's alright, mine neither so I'll be the last one to judge ;)06:56
elbaschidthanks for that!06:57
jheskethno worries06:57
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hawkowlchrisjrn: sure09:33
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chrisjrnThankee :)09:38
hawkowlchrisjrn: done09:46
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chrisjrnmany thanks!11:10
chrisjrnpraetorian: diaf12:18
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jheskethchrisjrn: because croy isn't around on irc, do you know much about the miniconf scheduling?22:43
chrisjrnjhesketh: The advice I gave to everyone else was to match the break structure of last year's miniconf, and we'll shorten or lengthen the breaks as needs be.22:45
jheskethah, so you didn't see the email from Clinton then22:46
jheskethall good, I'll just take it to email22:46
chrisjrnjhesketh: I saw *an* email from clinton mentioning that the lunch breaks needed to be longer22:52
jheskethI'll CC you anyway22:52
chrisjrnwhat I know at this stage is that DjangoCon and Science are preparing schedules based on last year's timings22:53
chrisjrnwe can alter them to match the 90-minute lunch break as needs be22:53
chrisjrnjhesketh: fwiw, proposals were for 25 minutes; I'm not sure why they've been scheduled as 30s...22:57
chrisjrnah, probably becuase slots were 30 mins last year, and they got transcribed incorrectly into ZK. OH WELL22:58
jheskethwell I failed at our CFP's then :P23:01
chrisjrnhooray :)23:01

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