Monday, 2014-06-23

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jheskethlifeless: ping01:39
lifelessjhesketh: gnip. thingy.01:42
jheskethlifeless: so, we should figure out how we want to review our miniconf proposals01:44
jheskethI was thinking that we could both, independently, put together our proposed programmes and then compare/shuffle til we're happy01:44
lifelesssounds good01:46
lifelessI'll go through the spreadsheet on monday01:46
lifelessjhesketh: let me check I have access to it though, while you're awake01:47
lifelessjhesketh: ok, I can't see it in 'shared with me' - can you drop me a url to it? tanks!01:49
jheskethlifeless: you're not in NZ? (ie it's not Monday for you)01:49
jhesketh(also I just turned off responses to our CFP form)01:49
lifelessjhesketh: sunnyvale, CA, this week01:50
jheskethlifeless: the doc should be called "PyCon AU OpenStack Miniconf Call For Proposals (Responses)"01:53
jheskethlifeless: Pm'd01:54
jheskethoh nice01:54
lifelessjhesketh: oh, btw - have we copied the non-main-conf openstacky talks into the cfp or expecting them to have resubmitted?04:15
lifelessjhesketh: I'm -> sleep, but that might be an avenue too.04:15
jheskethlifeless: I invited the rejected openstack related (or interesting) talks to re-propose to the miniconf04:20
jheskethif they haven't proposed they either can't make it/don't want to present at the miniconf or missed my email (or thought it was too much effort)04:21
jheskethso I think we should select from the just the proposed talks04:21
tchaypoOn that note04:29
tchaypoWhen I made a proposal I wanted to say "could be either 20 or 40 minutes depending on what you have space for" but I couldn't see how to do tat on the form and then I forgot to mention it to you04:29
jheskethtchaypo: thanks, noted04:30
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jheskethtchaypo: thanks for your linux-aus reply :-)08:04
tchaypoThere were several things I could have added08:04
jheskethas it stands though it is very constructive :-)08:05
tchaypoOne being thanks for Bret's involvement - I wish we had more people who spoke up half as often as Bret does08:05
tchaypoAnother being a suggestion that since LA so clearly does not represent him maybe he could find another group to be involved with08:05
chrisjrntchaypo: You have very good judgement as to the precise amount of sarcasm to add to these smackdowns08:18
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chrisjrnhawkowl: When you get a chance, would you be able to get on the PyCon AU website and edit your presentation abstract?21:19
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