Tuesday, 2014-06-10

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chrisjrnOmigosh, Early Bird tickets are about to sell out04:20
jgati'll probably register eventually04:21
chrisjrnseems reasonable04:21
lifelesschrisjrn: oh hai04:39
chrisjrnhey lifeless04:41
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hawkowlam i the first twisted-related presenter for PyCon AU?14:29
hawkowlfrom a cursory look, yes14:31
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tchaypohawkowl: this year maybe, but there have been talks in previous years that i thought were twisted-related21:19
tchaypobut maybe it was my lack of familiarity with twisted that made me think that..21:20
tchaypolifeless: I think I came up with a talk for pyconf in my dreams21:20
tchaypolifeless: problem is it's based on README.rst and the other docs I've been editing lately - it's the "here's what TripleO is and how you can get started with it" talk. It sounds like the kind of talk certain other people i know would usually give...21:21
lifelesstchaypo: more people giving that talk is great21:22
tchaypobut then again, tnose people are probably busy running a miniconf this year..21:22
chrisjrnhawkowl: There was a talk in 2012 by Josh Bartlett.22:44
chrisjrnand there's at least one more this year as well23:06
chrisjrnwhich we'll be sure to reveal shortly after early birds disappear23:07
chrisjrn(15 tickets left, tell your friends, etc)23:07
hawkowltwisted people in australia?23:09
hawkowli will have to rant about how great it is with them23:09
chrisjrnYeah. It's a big country ;)23:09
hawkowlchrisjrn: there are actually a lot of australian twisted peopleā€¦ just none of them live in australia23:10
chrisjrnI know23:10
chrisjrnI am a friend with someone who is a friend with most of them23:11
hawkowlwe have some sort of twisted repellant :(23:11
hawkowlO WLL23:11
hawkowlchrisjrn: my talk isnt at the same time as the twisted one is it? D:23:12
chrisjrnI haven't seen the schedule yet; that's Richard's job23:12
chrisjrnbut I think that's quite an unlikely outcome23:12
chrisjrnJust wish people would hurry up and clean out our tickets.23:14
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