Thursday, 2014-06-05

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tserongminiconf speakers don't get free rego do they?02:51
chrisjrntserong: Generally not04:06
tserongi didn't think so, but i don't recall seeing anything mentioned either way on the web site, or, e.g.: the openstack miniconf cfp04:09
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ZimskyWhat time would the miniconfs start on the 1st? Figuring out when I should fly in by.10:29
praetorian8-9 usually.10:44
Zimskyhm, okay10:44
tpbTitle: Friday Schedule - PyCon Australia | July 5-7 2013 | Hobart, Tasmania (at
praetoriantake last years as an example.10:45
praetorian  :>10:45
tpbTitle: Friday Schedule - PyCon Australia | August 1st-5th 2014 | Brisbane, Queensland (at
Zimskywondering if arriving at brisbane airport at 7:30 AM would work10:46
praetorianchrisjrn: sunday's av test scheduled item looks cool.10:46
praetorianZimsky: depends how much you are worried about being late10:47
praetorianwould probably work tho.10:47
praetorianjust little wiggle room imo10:47
Zimskymight just get in on Thursday instead.10:51
praetorianwhere you flying from?10:52
praetorianahh okay.10:54
praetorianthere is an overnight XPT if you want to arrive in the morning earlier10:54
praetoriani remmber doing that way too many times as a kid.10:56
Zimsky14 hour train ride for ~$90 vs 1 and a half hour flight for $90, I could go either way really. Trains are great.11:01
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praetorianatleast its time to work in a concentrated area11:16
ZimskyTrue. A lot of my projects have been done primarily on trains.11:21
ZimskyOr even waiting for them.11:21
chrisjrnpraetorian: It was very cool, let me assure you11:28
praetorianthe programme links for 2014 are very random.13:07
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