Monday, 2014-06-02

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tchaypoanteaya: are you planning to come to pyconau?00:01
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anteayatchaypo: I need to submit a talk to the openstack miniconf first12:50
anteayaand yes I am planning on doing that12:50
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mark[oz]hey guys22:48
mark[oz]so I have a team who have just registered for tickets and I've got a number of invoices22:48
mark[oz]is there anyway I can pay them all at once?22:48
chrisjrnNot easily, no.22:51
chrisjrnLimits of our rego system, unfortunately22:52
chrisjrnwe're looking into alternatives/fixes22:52
mark[oz]so how can i pay for them via credit card without handing the credit card around?22:56
mark[oz]or is that the only option for now?22:56
tchaypoanteaya: woo, see you here :)23:03
anteayatchaypo: well I need to submit a proposal and then I need to get accepted23:04
anteayaso hopefully I will see you there23:04
chrisjrnmark[oz]: There's a "generate access URL" link on each invoice -- if you click it, it will give you a URL that can be e-mailed to an accounts person at your organisation (which I guess is you)23:09
mark[oz]thanks chris23:28
mark[oz]eventbright next time? :)23:28
chrisjrnmark[oz]: Maybe. They don't quite have the featureset that we need -- we have lots of edge cases that are currently impossible there23:48

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