Friday, 2014-05-30

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chrisjrnZimsky: Correct. That number is somewhere north of 400, which is still bigger than the conference has ever had00:00
Zimskychrisjrn: okay, sweet. How quickly do you expect that will be full?00:09
chrisjrnProbably up close to the conference,, but it's hard to say00:10
chrisjrnYou'll need to get in quick for the discount early bird rate, though, they'll sell out really soon. If you want a t-shirt, you'll need to register by 9 July00:11
chrisjrnother than that, it really depends.00:11
nathanwDo we get a free copy of Python at the conference ;)00:25
jgatno, that will cost you00:28
nathanwI'll just come for the snacks then00:30
chrisjrnthe snakes?00:30
nathanwthat too00:34
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mark[oz]hey guys05:51
mark[oz]I'm looking to purchase 5 tickets05:51
mark[oz]do I need to go through the registration process 5 times, or is there another way to organise this?05:52
chrisjrnYou'll need to go through the registration process each time anyway, as each delegate will need to register themselves (even if it's with a voucher)06:07
chrisjrnWe may be able to bulk-bill you, but we can't really do that until the early bird discount is sold out06:09
mark[oz]I'll do it on monday..06:34
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pwhippAnyone got a list of presentations?07:48
chrisjrnpwhipp: Yes, but we're keeping it secret for just a bit longer :)07:49
pwhippPity. Its too pricey for me without being able to justify the expense somehow.07:49
chrisjrnit's definitely worthwhile, I promise! What are your interests?07:50
pwhippDjango, APIs... interesting data modelling07:51
adambrenecki_there's an entire day of Django, IIRC07:51
chrisjrnThere is indeed an entire day of Django on the Friday07:51
chrisjrnand the conference features talks from one of Django's co-creators07:52
chrisjrnand a whole bunch from Django core devs07:52
pwhippCool. I spend five days a week on Django though - so its what the day consists of that interests me.07:52
pwhippIt is sounding more interesting by the minute though ;)07:52
chrisjrnWithout even looking at the presentations, getting a chance to network with people who make Django, from around Australia and around the world07:53
chrisjrnand if you come along on the Monday, there'll be a guided Open Source sprint, and Django Core devs will be leading one, so it's a great opportunity to work on hacking on the internals of Django07:53
pwhippirc and groups do that for free... and I don't have to come into the city :)07:54
chrisjrnwell if you don't value meeting real people, then the entire conference will be on video afterwards07:54
pwhipp'hacking the internals of Django' sounds fun07:54
chrisjrnbut what sets it apart from IRC and other groups, it's being able to meet people in person, make new friends, and stuff like that07:55
pwhippAny online info on how the sprints work exactly? I've never been to one.07:56
chrisjrnI'll go and see what I can find -- we haven't written anything up ourselves, but I've seen articles in palces07:56
pwhippCool - thanks. I'll drop you an email for the info. gtg and feed the kids.07:57
chrisjrnHave fun!07:57
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adambrenecki_chrisjrn: if you find something for pwhipp can you send it to me too? I'm thinking of attending the sprints for the first time this year07:58
adambrenecki_*this year, for the first time07:58
chrisjrnyup. I'm following up with some of my contacts and seeing what I can find07:58
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hawkowli wonder if there’s enough twisted people for a sprint10:34
hawkowl(hahahaha there’s so not :’( )10:34
nathanwchrisjrn: is there many talks on API design or anything like that?10:35
hawkowlNathanW: what kind of api10:35
hawkowli’m doing a talk on web api design10:37
hawkowls/talk/rant on a stage/10:39
hawkowla rant with citations10:39
nathanwanything really is fine, just a learning thing10:39
nathanwhawkowl: I suck at doing it so it's more just to see what other people do10:40
hawkowlNathanW: the short of it is “everyone is doing apis wrong"10:40
hawkowlNathanW: but yeah10:43
nathanwhawkowl: sounds fine to me10:43
hawkowlNathanW: i’m going over authentication options, layout, versioning, quality assurance10:44
nathanwsounds good10:44
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