Thursday, 2014-05-29

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NathanWwhat do the sprints normally involve at PyCon?04:04
chrisjrnNathanW: Sprints are an opportunity for people who hack on open source code in the same room04:07
chrisjrnit's a great chance to start contributing to an open source project04:07
NathanWchrisjrn: well that works well.  I'm already part of a large one so it will be good to see others04:08
chrisjrnwhich one in particular?04:08
tpbTitle: qgis/QGIS · GitHub (at
chrisjrnoh ok04:09
NathanWmostly C++ but I have a app on top of the API writin in Python only
tpbTitle: DMS-Aus/Roam · GitHub (at
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hawkowloh oh pycon tshirts10:40
hawkowlwhoo registered10:47
hawkowlnow i’d better book plane tickets too...10:47
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Zimskyis there a rough total number of people can register? I'm guessing the number of people the venue can seat23:48
Zimskythat can register* I should say23:49

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