Tuesday, 2014-05-27

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chrisjrnSuch Registration. Wow.01:26
jayveemany alert02:03
jayveesuch money02:04
jayveevery sponsorship02:07
chrisjrnhopefully eventually etc02:07
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lifelessjhesketh: so on the CFP02:19
lifelessjhesketh: I'd like to add something about reprised summit talks being welcome too02:20
jheskethlifeless: please do, that doc is there for the editing02:20
lifelessjhesketh: what do you think ?02:26
jheskethlifeless: LGTM :-)02:42
jheskethnow to get a site up and a link to the actual form02:42
jheskethlifeless: would you mind checking you're happy with the form I shared with you please :-)02:42
lifelessjhesketh: uhm sure; how? (also bbiaw - daughter time now)04:08
jheskethit's a gdocs form04:09
jheskethI'll gchat you the link04:09
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hawkowlgchat the glink11:21
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