Tuesday, 2014-05-13

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jayveechrisjrn: your response was much better than evil_steve's00:31
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chrisjrnjayvee: in a good way? :/00:34
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jayveechrisjrn: if you read #linux-aus scrollback from yesterday you will see what I'm talking about02:45
jayveehe didn't appreciate me reporting an issue with http://lcauckland.org.nz/ on irc02:46
tpbTitle: Linux.Conf.AUckland 2015 (at lcauckland.org.nz)02:46
jayveehad I known that e-mail address in advance, I probably would have used it02:47
jayveeI get that he's for many years volunteered countless weeks of his time and worked very hard for lca02:47
jayveebut still he can be a real prick sometimes02:47
Zimskyoooh conversation in here02:48
jayveesometimes I feel like he wants me to apologise for existing02:48
chrisjrnjayvee: Correct. You get the good with the bad :/03:24
cjrhWell I at least resisted the temptation to point out that on the pycon au homepage, the 750kb banner-default.png could be converted to a 60kb jpg...because I didn't want to come across like a jerk :)03:46
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jayvee$ date +%s04:52
jayveegetting close to 140000000004:52
jayveeshould happen tomorrow night04:52
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