Thursday, 2014-04-24

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hawkowlchrisjrn: !!00:53
hawkowlOkay, wasn't expecting that00:53
hawkowlWell, I guess I'll wait and see what the committee thinks :)00:53
chrisjrnbasically, your private abstract is one of the more considered ones I've seen00:56
chrisjrnI think it'll come down to the review team deciding that the tech is sound00:56
chrisjrnjayvee: Not that I know of, perhaps e-mail him?00:57
jayveeoh just that I'm no longer able to volunteer, and he had me on the shortlist01:04
chrisjrnoh right01:04
jayveeI'm instead, uh, going to be performing in the opera house >_>01:04
jayveeand opportunities like that don't happen every day01:05
chrisjrnit's true01:05
jayveeall the fighting with audacity and this bloody tascam hardware was worth it then01:06
chrisjrndoes seem that way01:09
lifelesstime to write up a proposal01:19
chrisjrnlifeless: I'm excited!01:21
lifelesschrisjrn: is any funding needed for the openstack miniconf?01:29
chrisjrnlifeless: Yeah, at the moment, we're looking for a sponsor01:30
lifelessis there a $ figure?01:30
chrisjrnYeah. As a for-profit, it's AU$250001:31
chrisjrnIt's the "PyCon AU sponsor" + "Miniconf branding partner" options per the prospectus:
tpbTitle: Dropbox - prospectus_2014.pdf (at
lifelesschrisjrn: we're looking into it now; final answer will be before may 22nd but its looking positive.01:35
chrisjrn*excellent* :)01:36
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cam_stittAs much as I wanted to get a CFP in, I just didn't get too it.11:13
cam_stittBut I'll be attending anyway!11:13
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chrisjrncam_stitt: still another day! :P19:44
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cam_stittchrisjrn: haha, yeah I know.23:07
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