Thursday, 2014-03-27

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tseronghrm. i wonder if i could turn "how i needed to export from mediawiki to ODF, discovered mwlib and that it didn't quite work, then bashed blindly through a bunch of stuff i didn't understand and fixed it" into a pycon talk02:39
chrisjrntserong: the first step is an abstract :)02:41
tserongyou mean that was't an abstract? ;)02:41
chrisjrnsure it was02:41
chrisjrnI wouldn't +1 it on that basis though02:41
tserongit's not exactly groundbreaking work, but attendees might learn something they didn't know about ODF, that there's python tools for manipulating it02:42
tserongand perhaps most importantly that it's ok to just dive in and hack even if you have no idea what you're doing02:42
chrisjrnsounds good02:42
chrisjrntalks that have a point about how to do things are always welcome02:43
chrisjrnwe're not exclusively a "here's some amazing new tech" conference in the same way that LCA is02:43
chrisjrnspeaking of LCA, tserong, are you going to be at TasLUG today?02:43
cam_stittAnyone from Brisbane around?02:43
tserongyes, i'll be there02:43
chrisjrntserong: cool, I'd love to have a chat about LCA201702:44
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tserongchrisjrn, btw, i did pass the pycon-au sponsorship info on to our local marketing people02:54
tserongbut their budgets for the next FY hadn't been finalised at the time, so ...02:54
tserongi don't have anything actually useful to say on that front02:54
chrisjrnOK, should have another chat about that at some stage too02:56
hawkowlchrisjrn: looks like i’m working on some abstracts!03:30
chrisjrngood to hear03:30
tpbTitle: Getting started with circuits - Asciinema (at
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hawkowlchrisjrn: are pseudonyms okay13:15
hawkowl(for pycon cfp registration)13:15
hawkowleh i guess i can always amend it later if needed13:17
chrisjrnhawkowl: No. If you want a pseudonym on your talk or rego, we can probably arrange it20:08
chrisjrnhawkowl: but ideally, you'd have your name attached to a real account. We'll be using it for invoicing later on20:09
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