Tuesday, 2014-03-11

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cam_stittAnyone want an atom invite?02:15
hawkowlit's still osx only, isn't it?02:15
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praetorianpeople don't use OS X?06:43
hawkowlsome people prefer working SSL ;)06:45
praetorianso you don't use Linux either?07:10
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ZimskySSL is fine on my OS X08:35
hzopakZimsky: I think he's refering to this: https://www.imperialviolet.org/2014/02/22/applebug.html09:15
tpbTitle: ImperialViolet - Apple's SSL/TLS bug (at www.imperialviolet.org)09:15
hzopakit may seem to work fine, but.. there's a fairly large flaw09:16
hzopakwell, wass09:16
hzopak"Mozilla/5.0 (Compatible; Supybot"09:17
hawkowlhzopak, she, and yes :p09:38
hzopakoh, apologies :)09:47
hawkowlchrisjrn, so it looks like i'm going to be there easily :D10:00
* hawkowl just signed a contract for a python-related job in Perth, so, whoo cheap flights10:00
hawkowl$350 round trip, shit10:01
hawkowlthat's insane cheap10:01
chrisjrnsounds good!10:05
chrisjrnSee you there!10:05
hzopakoh awesome, i'd love to get a python job10:05
hzopaki love the language10:05
hzopakbut my resume says otherwise10:05
hzopakwoe is me10:05
hawkowlhzopak, well, my resume is 5 years of sysadminning, no professional dev experience, and releasing twisted 13.210:58
hawkowl(oh and no degree)10:58
hawkowlso just do some cool shit until people notice you :D11:06
hzopaki hate twisted11:16
chrisjrncool story bro11:17
Zimskycool bro story11:17
Zimskyalso twisted is bollocks, AbstractMetaHandlerFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactoryFactory11:18
hawkowlhzopak, well, you shouldn't, twisted is great11:21
hawkowlwell it's better than tulip anyway :P11:23
Zimskynever used tulip, it's that py3 lib right?11:24
hawkowlpy2 if you include trollius11:24
hawkowltrollius on py2, tulip on py3, asyncio on py3.411:25
hawkowl3rd party, PSF, and stdlib respectively11:25
hzopakahha, i agree11:27
hzopakmind you, i'm doing some projects with scrapy11:27
hzopakfor the most part i can ignore that it's built on twisted and just use what scrapy gives you as a base.. but sometimes.11:27
hzopaksometimes.. i have to swear at my computer.11:28
ZimskyI have my sort of 'common' framework I use with just raw sockets11:28
hawkowlZimsky, there is no such thing as standard sockets ;)11:28
hzopakhave you played with aiohttp?11:28
Zimskyhawkowl: okay11:28
hzopakit's fairly limited at the moment, but seems promising11:28
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