Friday, 2014-03-07

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jayveeooh, shiny00:20
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jayveeI do have one suggestion, though02:39
jayvee(apologies if this is a bit last-minute)02:39
jayveecan we change it to RubyCon AU?02:40
jayveesurely that's just a sed script away02:40
chrisjrnjayvee: If only that weren't already a thing03:05
chrisjrnhawkowl: You wanted to know when CFP happened? :)03:05
hawkowlchrisjrn, i am attempting to formulate a terrible idea that only I am crazy enough to present03:05
hawkowlalso if this interview I have in 20 minutes goes well, I might actually be flying from Perth, in which case it makes it near 100% chance i'll be able to attend :D03:06
chrisjrnCool! GOod lucks!03:06
hawkowlspeaking of, i'd better get going03:06
hawkowl"if you can't be on time, be early"03:06
hawkowland thanks!03:07
chrisjrnNot a problem :)03:07
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cam_stittCurrently working on a concept for a presentation :S03:26
cam_stittMy first attempt at doing a talk, will probably be terrible05:05
chrisjrncam_stitt: where are you based?05:06
cam_stittBrisbane (North Lakes)05:06
cam_stittI just moved back from Portland, Oregon05:06
chrisjrn<3 Portland05:07
chrisjrnthat said, you should perhaps consider presenting at the Brisbane Python User's Group next month, just to get your confidence up05:08
chrisjrnbuild a reputation etc :)05:08
cam_stittHaha indeed!05:08
cam_stittI just had a call with Justin Abrahms about tech talks etc. I think a few small talks would help.05:09
cam_stittCurrently thoroughly reading
tpbTitle: Tips for Public Speaking (at
cam_stitttpb: Ha!05:09
cam_stittNice bot.05:09
chrisjrnit's our anti-goatse bot05:09
chrisjrnstops people from being tricked into going to nasty sites05:10
cam_stittWhere are the details on the UG?05:10
chrisjrnMaybe? I'm not from Brisbane, so I don't go05:11
chrisjrnand our brisbane people conveniently aren't in here :)05:11
cam_stittMissed the March meetup by 2 days05:19
chrisjrngives you a month to assemble a talk ;)05:20
cam_stittsure does. time to do some more reading.05:22
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jayveeanti-goatse bot, eh?11:24
jayveejust when I was about to post a link...11:25
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prologicHi all.12:11
prologicI want to submit a lighting talk for circuits. I tried to submit such a talk for last year's PyConAU in Tasmania but it was rejected -- I wasn't able to justify the cost personally (wasn't work funded) of the full conference, so was only able to attend the OpenStack miniconf in 2013. This year I'm almost certain my employees will be more than happy to fun myself and my colleagues for the full attendance as it's in Brisbane.12:13
prologicJust want to see if there's any interest at all in circuits before I submit a CFP :)12:13
prologicOh name's James Mills :)12:13
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hawkowldefine circuits12:52
hawkowl(link plz)12:52
prologicahh yes ofc :)12:53
tpbTitle: circuits : Python Package Index (at
prologicbut yes otherwise I want to hear/see subjective opinions/feeling :) don't particularly want to submit another CFP for a talk that gets rejected for lack of interest12:54
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