Sunday, 2014-03-02

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NathanWwhat is the average cost for a pycon event in Australia?23:03
chrisjrnNathanW: We haven't announced prices for the 2014 conference, but the prices will be around 10% more than our 2013 prices --
tpbTitle: Prices - PyCon Australia | July 5-7 2013 | Hobart, Tasmania (at
NathanWhmm that is pretty cheap, nice23:10
NathanW(cheap when work pays :) )23:10
NathanWand close to home makes it even cheaper23:12
chrisjrnIndeed. Lucky for some :)23:13
micolousunlucky for me, the go card i bought when i was in brisbane for LCA they've now "expired"23:18
micolousthankfully only had about a dollar on it, but it's the principal of it that i'm upset about23:18
chrisjrnAnd the principle, too! :P23:19
micolousyes :P23:19
micolousbut i'm looking forward to brisbane again23:20
chrisjrnas am I23:20
chrisjrnvery much looking forward to once again attending an aussie pycon without running one23:20
micoloushaha :)23:27
micolousyeah LCA was quite different not volunteering23:27
micolousI didn't know what to do with myself23:27
micolousI don't know what I'm going to do with myself this year for pycon ;)23:27
chrisjrnVolunteer, if you like23:30
micolouswell I don't think ryan is doing videos this year, and i won't be working for ryan anymore once pyconau comes around23:32
chrisjrnhe's not doing videos this year, unless something unexpected happens23:34
micolousI think he has a lot on his plate at the moment23:34
chrisjrnindeed :/23:35

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