Friday, 2013-12-13

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hawkowlchrisjrn, huh, neat06:51
chrisjrnhawkowl: you're welcome :)07:18
hawkowlhmm, seems perth doesn't really have anything, blah07:26
chrisjrnPerth has a good Django/Python Meetup07:30
chrisjrnthere's also Port80 for Web Developers, I believe07:30
hawkowlhuh, port80 looks neat07:59
chrisjrnI've heard good things about it09:20
chrisjrnit's been going for a while now09:20
chrisjrnone of the older web dev groups in the world09:20
chrisjrnWA also puts on a really good web dev conference every year -- Edge of the Web09:21
* hawkowl always thought of WA as this desolate place containing nothing10:10
hawkowlthis is from my experience living here for 20 years :P10:10
chrisjrnYeeah, well it's a big place :)10:13
hawkowlthat it is10:32
chrisjrnturns out all the stuff happens in Perth :P10:33
hawkowlhehe, well, I've not lived there for a while, admittedly10:33
hawkowlbut I might be soon!10:33
chrisjrnoh yeah?10:33
hawkowlmy psych is hinting heavily that living in the middle of nowhere isn't helping my depression :P10:33
chrisjrnyeah, that sounds about right, to be fair10:34
chrisjrnthough, Perth's a long way away from everything as well :)10:34
hawkowland all the usual non-med fixes are hard (no social, outside is flame so exercise is hard, etc)10:34
hawkowlchrisjrn, most remote city on the Earth!10:34
hawkowlfun fact: everything west of roughly the SA-Vic border contains less population than Perth10:34
hawkowlor west of Adelaide, I think10:35
chrisjrnha :)10:35
hawkowlit's kind of mindboggling how much space there is10:35
chrisjrnAustralia's amazingly empty10:35
hawkowland all that's there is desert and British nuclear fallout :P10:35
chrisjrnI think of America, where there's basically a useful place every 200km maximum10:36
hawkowlwhich makes the "fuck off, we're full" signs kind of amusing10:36
chrisjrnif you consider the usefully inhabitable parts :P10:37
hawkowlpeople sort of reel back when I point out where I live10:37
hawkowland how far away everything is10:37
chrisjrnyeah, I wouldn't be surprised10:37
chrisjrnyou're basically as nowhere as I can think of10:37
hawkowli think it's roughly, like10:37
chrisjrnyour closest city is Darwin, and it's still a day's drive away? :P10:38
hawkowl...haha, thanks? :P10:38
hawkowland yeah10:38
hawkowl800km to Darwin10:38
hawkowl500km to Broome, though10:38
hawkowlbut Broome is not a city10:38
chrisjrnYep, I consider Darwin as basically as far away from anything as you'd want to be in Australia10:38
hawkowlanyone who says broome is a city is LYING10:38
chrisjrn(logically speaking)10:38
chrisjrnPerth is close because of flights10:38
hawkowlit does have a maccas, though10:38
chrisjrn500km to Maccas?10:38
hawkowli guess that sort of qualifies it as a city10:39
chrisjrn(Maccas is my gauge of whether a plcae is civilised)10:39
hawkowlthe only fast food we have here is Subway10:39
chrisjrncute :)10:39
hawkowlthe Red Rooster/Chicken Treat shut down10:39
chrisjrnawwww :P10:39
hawkowlwhich was good, because I didn't really see the use of it10:39
hawkowlit wasn't fast (like, it was an hour generally, for anything)10:40
chrisjrnyou go there to eat? :P10:40
hawkowland I'm not sure food is supposed to give you the runs with 95% certainty :P10:40
hawkowlI used to work there, man. I've seen things you wouldn't believe :<10:40
chrisjrnI'd believe10:40
hawkowlalso, everything goes in the microwave10:40
chrisjrnMy sister used to work at a Maccas, and just the smell when she came home10:41
hawkowlI do sort of miss it10:41
hawkowlonce, after HS finals, a friend and I went there10:41
hawkowlfinal exam evar10:41
hawkowlso like, they had a thing saying how you could get extra patties10:41
hawkowlso we ordered a cheeseburger with six patties each10:42
hawkowland ate it on the way home10:42
hawkowlthe cashier could hardly keep a straight face10:42
chrisjrn... that's... horrible :)10:43
hawkowloh, those were good times10:44
chrisjrn... sounds like it? (or not)10:44
hawkowl(not really :P )10:44
* hawkowl continues doing horrible things to Python10:45
chrisjrn<3 :P10:46
hawkowl for those wondering10:46
tpbTitle: hawkowl/haddock ยท GitHub (at
chrisjrnmaybe later ;)10:46
hawkowlmassively under hacking10:46
hawkowlbut... twisted web api framework~10:47
hawkowl(with an API description language!)10:47
praetoriantwisted... yeah, you're doing it wrong10:48
chrisjrnwell why not? :P10:48
hawkowlyou feed it some classes and it automatically does endpoint construction + parameter checking + few other things10:48
hawkowlpraetorian, nah, I'm doing it plenty right~10:48
praetorianim just not a fan :P10:51
hawkowlwell, i'm the most recent release manager, so I may be slightly biased ;)10:51
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