Thursday, 2013-11-07

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HolocaineAnd there's approval for my flights. Now I just need Ms 6's passport.03:32
praetoriani will have my itinerary this afternoon/tomorrow.03:35
chrisjrnHolocaine: exciting03:43
Holocainechrisjrn: Well actually I still need the local travel approver to approve it despite it now having been approved by the three levels of management immediately above me.03:44
chrisjrnhurrbing drrb.03:44
chrisjrnMy SQ flights are still booked. Amazing.03:44
chrisjrnAlso, getting a Velocity redemption on SQ? Also surprisingly easy03:45
Holocainechrisjrn: But that's because the local person is the one who's on file as the person AMEX will believe has approved it.03:45
chrisjrnIt's always something dumb like that03:45
HolocaineI hear the US system is far, far saner.03:46
HolocainePointy clicky web tool.03:46
HolocaineManagement only gets involved if ticket cost > $700.03:46
chrisjrnHere's a thought, Holocaine, praetorian -- perhaps we should start a new channel for ranting about planes? :P (I'm in ##lolplanes right now)03:46
praetorianmaybe we should03:47
praetorian(has anyone here complained)03:47
HolocaineWe're generally well behaved when PyCon AU's actually on. =)03:48
chrisjrnI dunno, just probably best to be on-topic, I guess03:48
praetoriani'm happy either way.03:48
praetorian(we have moved to ##lolplanes )03:54
Holocaine(if you care)03:54
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