Wednesday, 2013-11-06

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HolocaineDo NZ have a lounge in SF?01:24
chrisjrnHolocaine: Nope. I believe SQ is who you use if you want nice.01:25
HolocaineWill SQ let me in with an NZ boarding pass?01:26
Holocaine(Or an AS one, one the way over)01:26
chrisjrnTime to get a status match? :P01:26
HolocaineYeah, Turkish seem to be slow at doing them.01:26
HolocaineDon't know if it'd hit in time.01:26
HolocaineWould NZ status match?01:27
HolocaineI need to wait for the itinerary to hit before I know exactly which carrier I'm on.01:27
HolocaineI know it's NZ ADL-AKL-SFO but I don't know what the last leg is.01:27
Holocaine(Yes, ADL)01:28
HolocaineTricky logistics involving der kinder.01:28
HolocaineWe're taking Ms 6 but not Mr 2.01:28
HolocaineSo Mr 2 is going to stay with my mother.01:28
chrisjrnoh fun01:28
HolocaineShe's in Adelaide and we're planning to be there for Christmas anyway.01:28
HolocaineSo the current plan looks like drive MEL-ADL December 8, myself, Claire and Ms 6 fly ADL-AKL-SFO-SEA on December 10, back on December 18, stay for Christmas and then drive ADL-MEL after that.01:29
HolocaineNZ apparently use the EVA lounge, or at least did in 2012.01:30
HolocaineOr UA.01:31
HolocaineAre there any other Star Alliance soft targets for status matches?01:31
chrisjrnNo idea!01:32
HolocaineDo VFF do point statements?01:41
HolocaineI have E-Statement ticked but I don't recall receiving them.01:42
chrisjrnHolocaine: I get them every month01:42
chrisjrnlooks no different to most of their spam01:42
HolocaineNope, none.01:43
HolocaineAnd I can't seem to find them on the site.01:43
Holocainechrisjrn: The itinerary entry for the NZ flight from ADL to AKL is listing "no meals". Is that correct?!01:54
chrisjrnWhat's the fare class? Match it up with one of their "Seats to Suit" fare, and see01:56
chrisjrnyou'll be able to buy stuff on board regardless01:56
HolocaineHrm. Itinerary doesn't have fare codes.02:07
chrisjrnDoes it have an Air NZ-specific PNR?02:08
chrisjrnIf so, type it in over there.02:08
Holocaine"Unable to retrieve"02:09
HolocainePossibly because it's not actually ticketed yet.02:09
HolocaineRight. I suspect we'll be whatever class "Seat + Bag" is.02:11
HolocaineSeems a bit rude not offering meal service on a four-hour flight. =/ Guess VA don't offer it on trans-Tasman either though.02:12
HolocaineEspecially one that leaves at 11:40.02:12
chrisjrnHolocaine: It's a mixed-product offering02:30
chrisjrnyou can get a meal with certain fare classes.02:30
chrisjrnI *imagine* you should get a meal on a long-haul ticket02:30
HolocaineOk, the itinerary is NZ792, NZ8, NZ9210 (UA codeshare operated by skywest) then NZ9745 (UA/skywest), NZ7, NZ791.02:59
chrisjrnsorry about the CRJs03:01
HolocaineOnly one.03:02
HolocaineCRJ700 on NZ9210, 739 on NZ9745.03:02
HolocaineA320s on the trans-Tasmans and a 747 up and a 777 back.03:02
HolocaineTurkish status match attempt in progress.03:03
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HolocaineHotel booked, car booked.04:21
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chrisjrnHolocaine: ohnoesness04:26
chrisjrnjust e-mail them anyway04:26
HolocaineI has.04:26
HolocaineStaying at the Homewood Suites by Hilton this time around.04:27
HolocaineMainly so we get a separate bedroom so Ms 6 can go to bed and we don't have to turn all the lights off.04:28
chrisjrnmakes sense04:28
chrisjrnlet me know how that goes. Seems like an interesting brand04:28
HolocaineWill do.04:29
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praetorianHolocaine: where to?05:04
praetorianalso: confirmed by the guy who answers the melbourne consulate's mobile - i dont need a visa05:04
Holocainepraetorian: Seattle.05:05
praetorianeven tho he works in the consulate.. he doesnt have a colombia visa05:05
Holocainepraetorian: ADL-AKL-SFO-SEA05:05
praetorianHolocaine: aww nice05:05
praetorianpity about the ADL thing.05:05
praetorianis ADL->AKL direct?05:05
praetorian..that sounds like a money losing flight path05:05
chrisjrnit's a monopoly05:06
HolocaineADL is so that Mr 2 can spend some quality time with Grandma instead of driving an entire 747 nuts.05:06
chrisjrnOnce a day.05:06
praetorianfair enough05:06
praetorianmy RTW  is $13k05:06
HolocaineThis is less than that for 3 pax. =P05:06
Holocaine(woo Y-)05:06
praetorianmines in "whatever business is"05:07
praetoriani think it's J on QF05:07
praetorianmaybe E05:08
* praetorian shrugs05:08
HolocaineMatrix is back to not showing VA routings between MEL and SEA again. =/05:12
praetorianmy boss is going to approve me a coprorate credit card.05:40
HolocaineI've already got one of those. =P05:40
praetorianyeah well.. given no one else in my position has had one before.05:41
HolocaineI had one within a month of starting.05:42
HolocaineSecond time I've had one.05:42
HolocaineBoth AMEX.05:42
praetorianHolocaine: OMG THIS FORM SUCKS06:05
praetorian"fillable pdf.."06:05
praetorianit says 10 days to process06:06
Holocainepraetorian: I had to GO INTO THE OFFICE to pick my card up too. As in EMC's office.06:06
praetorianah. lol06:06
HolocaineNot the EMC Isilon Storage Division Melbourne Engineering Head Office (aka my front room)06:06
praetorianis the 10 days pretty accurate06:07
HolocaineSeemed pretty fast for me.06:07
praetorianwondering if i will have to make work pay for the express 5 days thing06:07
HolocaineAlthough I'm guessing an org like EMC gets a bit of priority treatment.06:07
Holocainetripit's back, although it hasn't processed my emails yet.06:08
HolocaineSlack bastards.06:08
praetorianyou would think tripit runs in the cloud06:09
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