Monday, 2013-11-04

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HolocaineWell I figure my travel's going to be mostly intra-US with the odd Canada (probably YOW) and Europe (EuroBSDCon next year in Sofia) and back to Australia.00:00
chrisjrnfair enough00:07
chrisjrnPossibly worth building up Star then? Do a status match with Turkish and then try to build up an SQ account?00:07
HolocaineWhere's that documented?00:09
chrisjrnsearch for "turkish status match"? :P00:13
HolocaineWhy SQ?00:15
HolocaineAh, VFF cross-over.00:15
chrisjrnand it sucks slightly less than Airpoints does00:15
HolocaineI'm guessing Qantas never do status matches?00:19
chrisjrnit's not very often00:22
chrisjrnYou'd be more likely to get a "challenge" match with AA than anything else on OW00:22
HolocaineHrm. Yeah. I'll be doing MEL-YOW next year in J which if I do it with UA will get me something like 26k SQ miles.00:32
HolocaineSo that's silver without breaking a sweat.00:32
chrisjrnNZ/AC also a good option00:33
HolocaineUA are cheapest at the moment.00:33
HolocaineThat may change, naturally.00:34
HolocaineUA $6,601, Phillipine Airlines (!) $7,904, NZ $8,806, DL $8,884, QF $9,429, AC $9,563, AA $9,605.00:35
HolocainePhillipine flies me to Manila and then hands off to AC.00:35
HolocaineBut the +/- $100 rule still applies (ffs).00:35
HolocaineSo unless UA's running a special or the others drop significantly there's no way I'm not flying them on that one.00:35
HolocaineOr if it changes when I shift dates aroun.00:36
chrisjrnI'd have thought taht going via Manilla would add sufficient time to the journey to make it non-worthwhile :P00:41
chrisjrnif it weren't via Manilla, I'd do it for the miles00:41
chrisjrn(Guangzhou -- maybe)00:41
HolocaineBut yeah, unless that $2.2k fare gap closes in some way that one'll be on UA.00:43
chrisjrndoubt that UA J is all that bad00:44
chrisjrnI've heard OK things about it. Would probably be better on a 777, too00:45
HolocaineI've never been upper deck on anything yet.00:45
chrisjrnI'm considering an exit row on SQ. alas, the "Window seat has no window.00:45
HolocaineDoes VX have a partnership with SQ?00:48
HolocaineI know VA and VS do...00:48
chrisjrnInterline, I believe00:48
chrisjrncheck their wubsite00:48
HolocaineSQ's looking like a pretty good bet.00:50
HolocaineUA, AC, VX and US for North America, VA and VS and other Star elsewhere.00:50
HolocaineIf only UA wasn't a 💩.00:56
chrisjrnhrrrrr :P00:57
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praetoriangot my quote.06:06
praetorianonly two QF flights (well QF bookings06:06
praetorianbut both in Busines06:06
praetorian:D :D06:06
praetoriannow to see if that gets approved.06:06
tpbTitle: Droplr Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 17.08.38.png (at
praetorianWhat's BA like..?06:08
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chrisjrnpraetorian: pretty damn good. You can face backwards, too!08:37
praetorianim just looking up plane details.08:38
praetoriani google QF321 ..08:38
praetorian... first result ..08:38
tpb<> (at
chrisjrnthat's a few months old though08:39
praetorianAircraft: 343 (Airbus A340-300)08:40
chrisjrnthat's standard08:41
chrisjrn340-300 though? Enjoy your hairdryers08:41
praetorianah, the thread mentioned 787's08:41
chrisjrnLook at the engines and tell me they aren't hairdryers:
tpb<> (at
praetorianhaha, it does a bit08:43
chrisjrnbut LAN's 787s have arrived now, so they should have plenty of long haul capacity08:43
praetoriannot for that flight apparently, unless they reschedule08:43
chrisjrnwell no08:43
praetorianthis is odd tho08:43
tpbTitle: Droplr Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 19.43.53.png (at
chrisjrnthey'll operate 340s for the foreseeable future08:44
praetorianpremium business class seats?08:44
chrisjrn"preferred" seats -- for high status people I imagine08:44
praetorianfair enough. i'll take 1d tyvm08:44
chrisjrnsuit yourself :P08:45
chrisjrnI'm a window man myself08:45
chrisjrnI think LA have VA-330-style lie-flats08:45
praetoriani prefer left window tho.08:45
praetoriani guess i could handle right08:45
chrisjrnLeft for everything except into HBA for me08:46
chrisjrnunless I know better08:46
praetorianhaha :)08:46
* praetorian looks at the others.08:46
praetorian(that's the flight i will get double SC on btw08:47
praetorianwould it count as SYD->AKL->SCL08:47
praetorianor SYD->SCL ?08:47
praetorian480 vs 36008:48
chrisjrnSame flight number, uninterrupted?08:48
chrisjrnCounts as a single flight08:48
chrisjrnthe trick is to arrange a 1-day stopover08:48
chrisjrnwhich should only cost the taxes08:48
praetoriansame flight #, but i disembark and re get on08:49
chrisjrnSingle ticket.08:49
chrisjrnrather, single coupon08:49
chrisjrnadd a day in Auckland and you'll get the extra SCs08:49
praetoriani could do that, but would mean i get into colombia too late.. well to acclimatise08:49
* praetorian ponders08:49
chrisjrndepart SYD a day early ;)08:50
chrisjrnthe point is the stopover only costs as much as the landing/takeoff taxes for AKL08:50
chrisjrnthe alternative is to catch an earlier flight into AKL and then catch QF321 from AKL instead08:50
chrisjrn(same ticket, thanks to stopover regs)08:51
praetoriando you mean book from SYD? but only get on in AKL?08:51
chrisjrnNo, book SYD-AKL-SCL, but with the SYD-AKL on a different flight to the AKL-SCL leg08:52
chrisjrnthe cost should be the same08:52
* praetorian looks08:52
chrisjrnas long as the LA flight isn't the first flight to Auckland in the day, it should be easy08:52
praetorianleaves akl at 11.35am.08:53
chrisjrneasy -- there should be a QF to AKL that leaves SYD closer to 8AM08:54
chrisjrnget that one instead of the LA flight to AKL, and swap to the LA flight ex-AKL08:54
praetorianthere is a 7:30am flight08:55
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praetorian..there is a 8:45am . but i wont beable to get that one.. take a guess08:55
chrisjrnEh, if you're on the same ticket, you should be fine08:55
praetorianwell EK operated, but Oneworld rtw.. yeah wont work08:56
praetorian(there is others)08:57
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chrisjrnQF flight number might count08:57
chrisjrnbut yeah, you'll want QF-operated08:57
praetorianQF flight number doesnt matter for oneworld :S08:58
praetorianotherwise i would have just got a QF # on the EK flight GRU->DXB !08:58
chrisjrnThey have one of those? Amazing :P08:58
praetoriananyway.. the only other option is 7:30am flight08:58
chrisjrnSee if it works. If you're going to the Americas, an early wakeup is good for you :)08:59
praetoriani'll discuss with my boss, he may think im weird ;)08:59
* praetorian calculates SC's anyway.08:59
chrisjrnEnjoy platinum :P09:05
praetorian(what it would bring me to) with the 36009:05
chrisjrnI hear the F lounge is pretty good09:05
praetorianso the 480 would just mean i got it before i flew home from dxb09:05
chrisjrnEK F lounge ^_^09:05
praetorianyeah, thats what im just thinking.09:05
praetorianthat, or i take a flight interstate next weekend.09:06
chrisjrnHobart's lovely at the moment ;)09:06
praetoriani heard it was cold.09:07
chrisjrnyesterday was the worst it had been for a while09:08
chrisjrnwe've been doing 18-22ish for the last few days before that09:08
chrisjrnand today09:08
praetorianits a bit cold here09:09
chrisjrnit's just fine here09:25
chrisjrnAnd <3 SQ. Just coaxed a booking reference number out of them09:25
chrisjrnShould mean I can get a row of 3 to myself on the red-eye from Bangalore09:26
praetorianwoo funkybob10:00
praetorianhe use to work for a company we dealt with10:00
chrisjrnI think you mentioned10:00
praetoriani just noticed a gaff on my booking!10:01
hawkowl"chrisjrn> we've been doing 18-22ish for the last few days before that"10:01
praetorianthey put me on the SCL->LIM flight the next day!10:01
* hawkowl dumps 41C at lunchtime and torrential rain at 6pm on chrisjrn 10:02
chrisjrneh, you chose to live there, hawkowl10:02
hawkowlI wish :(10:02
hawkowlwell, I guess I am right now10:02
praetorianwhere is there? hell?10:02
hawkowlpraetorian, east kimberley!10:02
hawkowlit's the buildup!10:02
hawkowlaka it is raining like it's Queensland10:03
hawkowlthen there will be the wet season10:03
hawkowlwhen Telstra's shitty fibre optic will wash down the river10:03
praetorianso hell was close.10:03
hawkowlpraetorian, "!hell" is the weather-current command on a channel i'm in, for my town10:04
praetorianha ha :)10:04
hawkowlOH WELL, i'll get to experience this fabled Winter thing come next year10:04
hawkowlBrisbane has winter, right?10:04
praetorianbrisbane must have something..10:05
hawkowlor is it just Hell Lite10:05
chrisjrnIt has slightly cooler than sprint10:05
hawkowlis NSW still on fire?10:05
praetorianonly the unimportant bits.10:06
praetorian(no offense mean, at all to anyone)10:06
hawkowlall of it, then?</western_australian?10:06
praetorianunfortunately htere is still some burning10:06
praetoriani think the major ones have.. stopped10:06
hawkowlwait, no, sydney is actually pretty okay10:06
praetorianor under control10:06
tpbTitle: Weather, Hazards, Emergency Preparedness | Google Crisis Map (at
hawkowlhuh, dont see anything there10:08
hawkowlwait no, there we go10:08
hawkowlI guess at least there'll be nothing to burn next year?10:10
chrisjrnthat's the positive that people are taking from it10:10
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praetorian[A[B/z 410:44
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