Sunday, 2013-11-03

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praetoriansounds painful02:00
HolocaineOk, now I have 54 slides for a 45 minute talk.02:25
HolocaineI think that one gets to sit for a bit and ferment.02:25
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praetorian[Linux-aus] Victim Impact Statement05:35
praetoriancan someone tell me the back story?05:35
praetoriani havent been reading any linux aus emails in weeks05:35
chrisjrnHe threw an anti-women tirade into the list05:36
praetorianwas he delibrate or was it just accidental?05:41
chrisjrngeneral consensus is that it was deliberate05:47
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praetorianconfirm missle lock on CX139. time to blow it out of the sky09:06
chrisjrnthanks mak09:06
chrisjrnand now for pre-f1 nap09:22
praetoriantrue i should do that09:23
praetorian..but cooking09:23
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praetorianlOL RAI13:04
chrisjrnYup Kimi :D13:04
praetoriani missed it tho.. brushing teeth13:04
praetorianwhat happened13:04
chrisjrnNo idea what happened13:04
praetorianwasnt he in pits?13:05
chrisjrnnope. Back of grid13:05
chrisjrnWant to see what happened to RAI13:05
* praetorian waits for the repaly13:06
chrisjrnand... wow, that fake Rolex add looks unbelievably fake13:06
praetorianwhich one? havent seen it yet.13:06
chrisjrnThere's a giant high-contrast one, reverse angle from the hairpin13:08
chrisjrnI'd screencap, but no BBC13:08
chrisjrnKimi got Caterhamed13:09
chrisjrnFront-right clipped the Caterham rear left, suspension broke13:10
tpb<> (at
praetorianjust saw it13:11
tpbTitle: Twitter / burn: One year ago today. Never forget. ... (at
praetorian^ that's all i can say13:12
chrisjrnneed an SC13:46
chrisjrnheh. MAS is having a good day13:51
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praetoriani fell asleep before the end20:35
praetoriananything interesting happen?20:35
HolocaineOh good god. The butthurt from Mr. Newall.21:34
Holocaine"The concern that affirmative action programs can undermine the very people they are intended to benefit was not new nor my own idea."21:35
HolocaineNo shit, it's a time-honoured conservative concern-troll trope.21:35
Holocaine"My comment about Thatcher was drawn from a recent edition of Q&A."21:36
Holocaine"I feel very hurt by the many people who chose to belittle me, or to attack me instead of what I said.  I considered suicide."21:39
HolocaineI mean, far be it for me to belittle someone's mental illnesses but fuck me.21:40
chrisjrnas someone pointed out in another channel... it reads just like the playground bully who turns around and crys to mum when she shows up21:55
HolocainePretty much.21:55
HolocaineRead like a pure 000 call for a wahmbulance.21:55
HolocaineWith of course lower-tier bully Mr. Martinez jumping in for a kick or three as well.21:56
chrisjrnMr Martinez is a new one21:56
chrisjrnDavid Newall was always the lead poo-thrower, but Noel Butler and David Lloyd have been around for a while as well.21:57
tpb<> (at
praetorianif chucknorris was a colour, he'd be #pow22:10
chrisjrnpraetorian: that's black. Like what you'll be seeing when he roundhouse kicks you22:25
* Holocaine responds (privately) to Luke Martinez.22:30
HolocaineYou can’t win if you don’t show up and if I had to deal with pieces like David’s forcing me to prove my credibility and pieces like yours backing it up and attitudes of “well maybe they just don’t like it” and stuff like that I’d be looking for an alternative career too.22:30
HolocaineWhy would I bother going into an industry like that if I had to be constantly buttressing my own self-confidence against attacks from without? Like plenty of us I’ve got sufficient attacks from within to worry about.22:30
HolocaineIf women don't want to do IT at the rate that men do, then that might just be okay.22:31
HolocaineTo which I respond with a question:22:31
HolocaineIf women don’t want to do IT now at the rate they used to, why?22:31
HolocaineTo phrase it differently:22:31
HolocaineIf you can’t see a problem, are you sure it doesn’t exist?22:31
Holocainechrisjrn: Double email of bad joke in response to bad joke due to pilot error.22:33
chrisjrnHolocaine: :P22:48
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Holocainechrisjrn: So if I live in SEA, what's the best travel strategy? I can try and stick to DL and VX as much as possible but given I can land some J-class trips next year would it be worth trying to build up my QF/oneworld status? Or switch to one of the other alliances?23:57
chrisjrnIf Unitted weren't awful, I'd suggest swapping over to Star. That said, VA status gives you very decent benefits on Delta, so could be possible to shift your travel that way if you so desired23:59

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