Saturday, 2013-11-02

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praetorian 494 N + 31/10 [virginaustralia] Help us to keep improving07:46
praetorianright, thanks for reminding me. i need to complain07:46
tpbTitle: Safety Old School ยป Air New Zealand (at
praetorianchrisjrn: ping10:13
praetorian  -- using this, and i don't see QF2710:13
tpbTitle: oneworld (at
praetorianany idea why?10:13
chrisjrnpraetorian: pang10:13
praetorianim guessing it isnt eligible for the rtw flight or something.10:13
praetoriani dont know much about WRT10:13
chrisjrnYeah. I think the various explorer fares require you to go to various zones in order10:14
praetorianwow, i really hope work dont book me on that then.10:14
praetorianbecause getting to BOG is fucked up.10:15
chrisjrnyup :P10:15
praetorianeven going to SCL is10:15
praetorianthere is LA800 (ugh)10:15
praetorianbut evenything else is via LAX...10:15
praetorianthat would be nice. but my boss even said its crap.10:15
chrisjrnI think the DONE fares require you to go through North America first :/10:15
praetorianis that the fare class?10:16
chrisjrnit's short for OneWorld Explorer10:17
praetoriani have prompted my boss i have QF Double SC's atm10:18
praetorianso i want QF #'s10:18
praetorianas much as possible10:18
praetoriani wont get it for my return flight from DXB-.SYD tho :<10:19
chrisjrn <-- there's the details10:19
tpbTitle: Droplr Screen Shot 2013-11-02 at 21.19.21.png (at
* praetorian looks10:19
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Holocainechrisjrn: What did I end up calling my presentation again? =)22:37
chrisjrnKeeping Current: Maintaining an internal fork22:41

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