Friday, 2013-11-01

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praetorianchrisjrn: optimal SCL->BOG flight has no premium eco left00:30
praetorianbut it seems i can take Nov 16CM 276SCL1:56AMPTY6:42AM6h 46mBoeing 737Business (D)00:30
praetorianLayover in PTY 3h 0m00:30
praetorianCM 627PTY9:42AMBOG11:14AM1h 32mEmbraer RJ-190Business (D)00:30
praetorianbut it seems i can take Aviacion00:30
praetoriani wonder what their business is like00:31
praetorianit seems.... cheap price wise00:31
praetorianoh there is  Avianca too00:33
Holocainechrisjrn: When you're sorting out the OPM programme, can I ask for a pre-lunch slot?00:34
chrisjrnHolocaine: yes.00:35
praetorianthis is difficult00:36
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praetorianoh yeah.05:16
praetorianlooking like. SYD->SCL->LIM->BOG->GRU->DXB->SYD05:16
chrisjrnThat looks interesting05:17
chrisjrnvery South America05:17
chrisjrnAnd enjoy Interlagos :P05:17
praetoriantho i just got told bad news05:44
praetorianthey will probably book me on a OneWorld RTW05:44
praetorianwhich means GRU->LHR->DXB05:44
chrisjrnyeah, saw that one coming, sorry05:45
praetoriani may see.. it adds +10 hours to my travelling time05:45
praetorianalso means GRU->LHR  ... is BA05:46
praetorian... no status05:46
chrisjrnSurprised... no, you get status on BA flighs05:46
chrisjrnit's still an OW trip05:46
chrisjrnjust not an eligible sector/whatever QF call it05:46
praetorianchrisjrn: oh right. so i get SC on my QFF?05:47
praetorianjust not eligiable to the count05:47
HolocaineYour membership status of Linux Australia has been changed to:05:47
HolocaineMember - Ordinary Member05:47
praetorianyou're very ordinary05:47
chrisjrnHolocaine: welcome aboard?05:47
HolocaineAlthough you log in to the site (after finding the login link hidden down thar) and then you go to change your password... wherE?05:48
chrisjrnnoi idea05:48
HolocaineRight. You have to go to the membership page, which is different from the main site, and not easy to find.05:51
praetorianso no EK05:51
* praetorian cries05:51
praetorianbut i may as well take a day in london.05:52
Holocainepraetorian: Why do you need DXB?05:52
praetoriando i need a visa for UK?05:54
HolocaineWell, assuming you're an Australian citizen.05:55
praetoriani am. and ok06:28
HolocaineI went over for work, it was pretty much the same as going in to the US.06:28
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praetorianHolocaine: heh, except more arabic?11:01
praetoriantoday i learnt:
tpb<> (at
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