Thursday, 2013-10-31

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praetoriantime to put a travel request together02:42
Holocaine"I wish to travel."02:53
Holocainechrisjrn: VA say they apologise for everything and will be passing on the information blah blah blah. No credit.02:54
chrisjrnHolocaine: re what?02:57
Holocainechrisjrn: Delays and laggargly priority baggage.02:58
chrisjrnoh right03:00
praetorianHolocaine: you remind me, i have a complaint to make03:04
praetorianso please.. who want to tell me the best airline for these:03:04
praetorianBOG->GRU (probably will end up on LAN here tbh)03:04
praetorianthat last leg is going to either be emirates or qantas.03:05
Holocainepraetorian: Really? But there are so many airlines that do DXB->SYD!03:07
chrisjrnpraetorian: SYD-SCL-BOG-GRU on QF/LAN, GRU-DXB-SYD on EK?03:08
praetorianchrisjrn: yeah i was thinking SYD->SCL->BOG  QF21/lan03:11
praetorianive done that before03:11
chrisjrnyou should be able to get that as an explorer fare from Qantas03:18
chrisjrnAustralia - South America - Europe - Australia03:18
praetorianin PE?03:18
praetorianit's via a work booking company anyway.03:18
praetorianStage and Screen03:19
chrisjrnoh sure03:19
praetoriani'll just tell them what flights etc03:19
* Holocaine is at 94,846 work miles for the year.03:20
Holocaine5,154 and next year is J class, baby.03:20
chrisjrnthat should be a shoe-in03:20
HolocaineMEL-SEA in December.03:20
chrisjrnlike I said03:20
praetorian94K? pfft03:20
Holocainepraetorian: I beat both you and chrisjrn for this year according to TripIt. Lincoln Stoll beats me handily though.03:21
chrisjrnHolocaine: Not surprised; and yeah, Lincoln flys a heeeeeap.03:21
chrisjrnBerlin to SF pretty regularly iirc03:21
HolocaineYeah, well, GitHub.03:22
HolocaineI wonder how much of that is on his own dime.03:22
chrisjrngith ub.03:22
chrisjrnprobably very little03:22
HolocaineGi Thub.03:22
HolocaineWell known Nepalese master of Version Control.03:22
praetorianHolocaine: yeah, and even more so on just hte Buisiness only category05:28
chrisjrnpraetorian: Just booked a hotel that's basically right on turn 8 of an F1 circuit. Pity I'll be two months too late :P06:23
chrisjrnmake that turn 906:24
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praetorianchrisjrn: which circuit?09:20
praetoriannice nice09:22
praetoriani should go to singapore.09:22
praetoriansuch great sights..09:22
chrisjrnI'm going on the way back from India09:22
praetoriani gotat work out my flights tonight09:52
praetorianQF27 leaves on saturday before i need to be ther. so that will work09:52
praetoriannow just to see if i can add in a side trip ti Seattle while im there.09:53
praetorianbut it seems the shortest i can do it in is 15hrs of flying.09:54
praetorianHolocaine: gzip -909:54
Holocainepraetorian: When would you be in Seattle?09:55
praetorianHolocaine: it was going to be a personal side trip.. sometime around the end of november.... but it looks too hard to get to10:10
praetoriani was going to pop up and see a friend.10:10
praetorianfrom GRU or SCL10:10
chrisjrnpraetorian: how "end of November"?10:10
chrisjrnThe Brazil race is end of November...10:10
Holocainepraetorian: I'll be there sometime in December.10:11
praetorianchrisjrn: OMFG10:11
* praetorian checks dates10:11
praetorianHolocaine: wont be that late.. unless i go there to dubai on the way back.. but that would be out of the way10:12
chrisjrnpraetorian: luck?10:14
praetorian18/11 – 22/11 Bogota10:16
praetorian25/11 – 29/11 Sao Paulo10:16
praetorianim going to organise tickets to the sunday.10:16
chrisjrnHAVE FUN :D10:19
praetorianill see if contacts can get me tickets first10:19
praetorianso i dont have to pay10:19
chrisjrnHot tip -- try for something that sits between turn 14 and 15 -- you can see the entire circuit, plus the second-best overtaking spot up close:
praetorianOK :D10:22
praetorianim looking at what tickets ther are10:22
chrisjrnthe entire circuit sits in a basin -- so the infield section is all lower than the outer straights10:23
chrisjrnthe problem is that the pit building obscures the infield section if you're sitting near corner 110:23
chrisjrnAnyway, good luck with it. And take photos!10:24
praetorianhrm "setor a"10:24
praetorianthat is10:24
praetorianseems you can only buy 3 day passes for that10:25
praetorian~$450 aud10:25
chrisjrnawkward :(10:25
praetorianactually ffs .. that almost seems the cheapest.10:25
chrisjrnyeah. Might be worth hitting up the contacts ;)10:25
praetorianbasically take the prices on that page and 50% = aud10:25
chrisjrnanyway, bed time for me10:26
chrisjrngood luck with your quest!10:26
praetoriannight chris10:26
praetorian2125:07 <tpb> Error: "$450" is not a valid command.10:28
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HolocaineNow taking bets on Ben Sandilands mentioning Pel-Air in the piece he'll write on CASA adopting the FAA regs in electronic devices...21:08
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chrisjrnHolocaine: just more complaints about loud people on planes
tpb<> (at
HolocaineYeah, saw that.21:58
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