Tuesday, 2013-10-29

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Holocainechrisjrn: Polka =(01:07
Holocainechrisjrn: DEVO MUST BE TREATED WITH RESPECT!01:19
chrisjrnA Weird Al Yankovic polka cover is the *utmost* of respect01:19
HolocaineDare To Be Stupid is better. =)01:19
HolocaineWhen I first heard Dare To Be Stupid I thought it was Devo, and given I've been obsessing over them from a very young age that's a serious feat.01:22
HolocaineThat said, the first time I heard it was while watching Transformers: The Movie.01:22
chrisjrnWeird Al's style parodies are spectacularly good01:22
HolocaineAnd I got to see them live.01:24
chrisjrnI saw Weird AL live :P01:24
HolocaineSeen him twice.01:24
chrisjrnI missed him the second time because Amurcah01:24
HolocaineAlso seen Leonard Cohen twice.01:25
Holocainechrisjrn: How long do VA usually take to respond to complaints?01:26
chrisjrnHolocaine: yes01:26
chrisjrnWell, if you're gold, and sent it to [email protected], you should get an autoresponse in 40 minutes; a written ack in ~2-3 business days; followed by weekly follow-ups01:30
HolocaineI got the written ack which was a punt to VA.01:31
HolocaineAh, ok, they said within 5 working days.01:31
HolocaineWhich would be tomorrow-ish.01:31
praetorianchrisjrn: other flight as 40 too03:03
praetorian30 til platinum.. mm03:03
praetorian30 and i would be like "fuck, another flight it is!"03:03
praetoriansame points tho03:08
praetorianexactly the same.. that is weird03:09
chrisjrnyes indeedingly03:09
tpbTitle: Twitter / mariekehardy: I dont know about anybody ... (at twitter.com)03:12
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