Monday, 2013-10-28

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praetorian13 Jan, 2014 - 30 Jun, 201402:49
* praetorian looks at lca dates02:49
chrisjrnpraetorian: the week before that! :P02:50
chrisjrnLCA's at the worst possible time of year for air travel02:50
chrisjrnflexis only for departure, return "savers" quite expensive02:50
praetorianim not sure im going02:51
praetorianoo.. thre is one saver fare02:51
chrisjrnyup. With flexis going for $50002:52
HolocaineI'm only getting business because I could only book flexis outbound.03:30
HolocaineNormally I'm required to book saver.03:30
chrisjrnConvenient! :)03:31
chrisjrnI am so very much looking forward to the businessness03:31
HolocaineAssuming I manage to hit Platinum (which will only be derailed by not being able to fly something VFF-compatible for my December MEL-SEA) I'm going to try and trade one of my J vouchers for the points back, and then see if I can points+voucher up to J on the return.03:33
chrisjrnturns out J upgrades are crediting at full-J at the moment03:40
chrisjrnso that's useful03:40
HolocaineI'm at 970SC. So close.03:41
chrisjrnyou'll hit that no problems03:43
chrisjrn40SC for the January flight03:43
chrisjrnat least03:43
HolocaineOh yeah, I'm hoping I get it before then so I've got more opportunity to sort things out.03:45
HolocaineAlso I may be taking Ms. 6 with me on the December trip, so I suspect I'll be setting up family pooling.03:47
Holocaine(Me, Ms 6 and Claire)03:47
chrisjrnAh, fair enough :)03:49
chrisjrnsounds like a fun trip03:49
chrisjrnsee the family-friendly sights of seattle03:49
HolocaineSee the places we might want to move to middle of next year.03:50
chrisjrnyou're considering a trip over to the murcahs?03:51
chrisjrn*a move03:51
HolocaineAs long as work offer me a decent package it's pretty much happening.03:51
chrisjrnhrrm, fair enough then03:51
chrisjrncan't cope with the flight every two months?03:52
HolocaineMore that I get to work more closely with the team. Where "working more closely" means "managin".03:52
HolocaineSo I figure a two-year stint over there and I end up with some fairly serious resume material and can decide to either stay there, look for somewhere else in the US if I want or whatever else.03:53
chrisjrnseems reasonable03:55
HolocaineSo my December trip is going to include Claire and Althea so they can scout out some neighbourhoods/schools/whatnot.03:57
chrisjrnseems reasonable03:57
HolocaineWell Samsung knocked it out of the park with the Gear, didn't they...04:00
chrisjrnknocked what?04:05
HolocaineWhatever it is.04:06
praetoriani should check my flight credits.05:32
HolocaineWhere do they hide flight credits?05:34
* Holocaine hasn't heard anything back about his flight delays/luggage delays yet beyond "We're handballing this to Virgin Australia".05:34
praetorianoh yeah. did i mention my bag ended up on the wrong carosell last night?05:38
praetorianso priority bag.. last bad collected05:39
chrisjrnHolocaine: Trovelbonk05:39
praetorianoh i meant status credits05:40
praetorianbut yes.. i have to whinge about that too05:40
tpb<> (at
praetoriandoes that load for you guys?05:45
chrisjrnoooh did you upload a new menu?05:46
praetorianthat's the current one05:46
chrisjrnwooo :D05:46
praetorianSYD->PER   only 40 SC05:47
chrisjrnomg duck and chorizo wooo05:47
chrisjrnpraetorian: wasn't that a saver originally?05:47
chrisjrnthat should credit as 20 :P05:48
praetoriani just thought of that when you mentioned it :-)05:48
praetorianchrisjrn: i had the duck and chorizo05:48
praetorianit was delicious.05:48
chrisjrnwas it amazing?05:48
praetorianthe dessert was a bit lacklustre tho05:48
praetorianthe guy next to me asked for the chocolate moose from coach... and it looked better05:49
praetoriani didnt take photos of my return flight05:49
praetorianbut i do have the way over ones.05:49
chrisjrnI don't need to be surprised... yet05:50
praetorianon the flight over.. it was chocolate tart for dessert05:56
praetoriani told the stedwardess i liked a good tart.05:56
praetorian"haha, no sexual inneundeno there i haope!"05:57
praetoriannot on her dime. she was ugly05:57
chrisjrnpraetorian: oh dear08:09
praetorianchrisjrn: :<09:05
praetoriani was trying to work out the points i go for the flight13:58
praetorianand ic ant work it out.13:58
praetorianmight be able to work it out once i gave my other flight credited.13:58
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