Sunday, 2013-10-27

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praetorianbut still no no next to me00:00
chrisjrnthat is an aeroplane00:16
chrisjrnI observant00:52
praetorianone thing to note on my SYD->PER flight.the IFE was not on at all00:53
chrisjrndid you ask about it?00:54
chrisjrnHave you sent a complaint noting that clearly your upgrade wasn't worth it and it should be refunded?00:54
praetoriani didn't ask, but i'm going to send an email00:55
praetorianthere wasn't even any staff talk about it at all00:55
praetoriannot even ask for a tablet, etc00:55
chrisjrn... in business class?00:55
praetorianVH-XFD today i think01:04
* praetorian will type up a complain to virgin tonight01:09
tpb<> (at
Holocainechrisjrn: Submission #2 away!01:39
chrisjrnHolocaine: thankyou thankyou03:52
praetorianwatching a 7 yo play portal 203:53
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praetorianchrisjrn: !!! WEB12:43
praetoriani recognised the Cabin supervisor on my flight tonight12:51
praetorianand i think he recognised me12:51
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chrisjrnpraetorian: what did your cabin supervisor do?21:55
Derailed_homehey chrisjrn, tom here21:55
Derailed_homeI almost never use IRC at home, had to set up xchat :-)21:55
chrisjrnWow. Yeah, well I saw you just add me on Gtalk, so that'll do21:57
Derailed_homecool, the gmail chat interface is insane these days, you can't actually tell if you're sending a message or an email21:57
praetorianchrisjrn: he said hello and stuff and you fly with us often21:58
praetorianand "i think i recognise you from before"21:58
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chrisjrnpraetorian: cute :P22:24
HolocaineWhee, child passport application.22:29
chrisjrnsounds exciting22:32
HolocaineComplete with "ALL PARENTS MUST SIGN THIS" language. For rather obvious reasons.22:39
HolocaineI love the way that it's the taxi fares to/from the airport that take the longest to hit my corp card.22:43
HolocaineI've been back a week and it still hasn't hit.22:43
HolocaineThus holding up my expense report.22:43
chrisjrnFUck cabcharge. Seriously.22:43
chrisjrn(can you use Uber instead?)22:43
HolocaineI can, actually.22:44
HolocaineProbably should.22:44
HolocaineI can use whatever I reckon I can get away with, basically.22:44
HolocaineIf I don't get away with it I have to pay for it but my manager's pretty cool.22:44
HolocaineHe's approved Ubers before.22:44
HolocaineAnd hell, Uber from MEL to home is cheaper than the taxi I took from LHR to my hotel in London.22:45
Holocaine"I have no data, I have no maps, I'm not trying to nut out a tube journey after a 13 hour flight."22:45
chrisjrnah right22:45
chrisjrnI am SO looking forward to that $50 T-Mo plan22:45
chrisjrnwith unlimited 2G data roaming22:45
HolocaineT-Mo have shit reception at the office in SEA. =/22:45
chrisjrnSure, but for random trips to countries I'll only visit once per decade...22:46
HolocaineWhich is in the fucking stadium district, you'd think they'd have capacity to spare there.22:46
HolocaineI've got T-Mo's $3/day thing at the moment.22:46
chrisjrnBut you can swap around as you like22:47
HolocaineIf AT&T had something similar I'd try that.22:47
HolocaineIf we end up moving I have to work out providers.22:47
HolocaineT-Mo is tempting because I suspect that'd give me the biggest compatibility overlap with back home.22:47
HolocaineAlthough I suspect Verizon would also work since the iPhone 5 Verizon models are essentially the same as ours but tuned slightly differently IIRC.22:48
HolocaineOrroit. 1A on MEL-PER.23:00
HolocaineVirgin have had a memo go through to use radio alphabet for seat letters recently, haven't they.23:00
chrisjrnHolocaine: errm. That's just flight attendants being lazy23:20
chrisjrnthey shouldn't use NATO alphabet when speaking to customers23:20
praetoriani usually use NATO to them when giving booking codes.23:20
praetorianand find they will do the same from then on in.23:21
chrisjrnYeah, exactly23:21
chrisjrnsaves SO much time when on the phone23:21
praetorianas does keying in a status member number23:23

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