Saturday, 2013-10-26

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Holocainechrisjrn: Just submitted the geo talk. I need to get clearance from work for the other one.06:54
chrisjrnOh cool! Thanks!06:55
Holocainechrisjrn: And just emailed my boss about the other one.06:59
Holocainechrisjrn: The other one was originally going to be for BSDCan but I doubt they'll mind. I suspect I'd need to expand it for BSDCan anyway.06:59
Holocainechrisjrn: But yeah, just take one of mine.07:00
Holocainechrisjrn: So why should I UnPDNS instead of PDNS?07:22
chrisjrnHolocaine: it's more fun if you ask me :P07:28
HolocaineDoes QF have any recent 767s or are they all fairly old?07:30
chrisjrnThey're all fairly old07:31
chrisjrnbut they've all had interior overhauls07:31
HolocaineThe seats, maybe. The overhead bins and all that still seemed pretty old.07:31
HolocaineSo OPM is going to be on the Monday?07:32
chrisjrnsounds loke it07:35
chrisjrnOh, the overheads will never get changed07:35
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