Friday, 2013-10-25

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praetoriandammit. there is a 3rd seat taken in business now.03:07
chrisjrnpraetorian: NOT EXCLUSIVE ANY MORE, IS IT?03:08
chrisjrnfreakboy3742: ping03:08
praetorianXFD is on it's way to Perth now.. so i won't be flying that.03:08
chrisjrnoh, your flight is TODAY?03:08
praetorianXFG is just arriving in perth..and seems to be on syd<->per hops... maybe03:09
praetorianxfh no03:09
praetorianxfa - mel no03:09
praetorianxfb - mel no (lol, poor melbourne)03:09
praetorianso either C G or E03:10
praetorianprobably C03:10
praetoriani want exclusive03:10
chrisjrnHolocaine: Looks like OPM is happening03:13
praetorianopen programming miniconf03:14
chrisjrnthat's the one03:14
praetoriani can be a bot too03:15
chrisjrnLOL REALLY?03:18
praetoriani think im a bot now03:46
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praetoriannot C.05:24
praetorianit's taking the 5:40 flight05:24
praetorianG is going to brisbane05:24
praetorianso E it is.05:24
chrisjrnGood luck with that05:25
chrisjrnWell, good luck with it being the plane you guessed05:26
chrisjrnthere will be an assessment after the class05:26
* praetorian counts the number of threads in the seat05:26
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freakboy3742chrisjrn: pong?06:39
chrisjrnfreakboy3742: PM OK?06:41
freakboy3742Sure - fire away06:41
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praetoriandefinately VH-XFE08:46
praetorianbut more pax in the cabin than previously noted08:46
praetorianop up?08:46
praetorianepert flyer says 4.08:47
praetorianbut a massively full coach08:47
praetorianking smoked salmon with green papaya salad and thai dressing   -or-   sweet corn, red capsicum soup08:48
praetorianlamb cutlets with rosemary potatoes dutch carrots peas and mint08:48
praetorianblue eye trevalla fillet with prawn tomato zucchini and cucumber both08:48
praetorianspicy eggplant pilaf and harrisa yoghurt coriander curants and pistachios and ienuts08:49
praetoriandessert: milk and white chocolate tart08:49
praetorianthe mains is very poor. i would not go near the trevalla08:49
praetorianor maybe it was the trout people had issues with08:49
praetorianso it was08:50
tpb<> (at
praetoriancurrent status:
tpbTitle: Dropbox - Friday, Oct 25 (at
praetorianflight cabin supervisor could do with less makeup08:57
praetoriani mean, less cake mixture on her face08:57
praetorianseriously. i think she's ex-qantas staff.09:00
chrisjrnYou can tell by the grumpy sternness :P09:01
praetoriantbh, my qantas staff have mostly been nice09:01
praetorianjust old.09:01
praetorianstill at the dock09:06
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praetorian...still here..09:21
praetoriandoor closed09:21
praetorianok bye09:21
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