Wednesday, 2013-10-23

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chrisjrnHolocaine: it's better if you put them in there such that they don't move.05:35
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praetorianalso, omg.. my syd->per flight.. two people in J atm it seems09:31
praetorianPER->SYD   ... almost all the left/right seats are taken09:32
praetorian4c h k , 3k,09:32
praetorianthats all thats availab,e besides the middle09:32
praetorianno one in the middle at alL!09:32
praetoriananyway, atm its still   2 2 209:33
praetoriananyone upgraded to mavericks?09:34
chrisjrnI think kennethreitz has09:35
kennethreitzi've been using it for like 6 months09:36
kennethreitzlove it!09:36
chrisjrn(that was effective)09:36
kennethreitzit's basically 10.8 with better memory management and new apps09:36
praetorianclean install or upgrade?09:38
praetorianpondering whether to do it before my flight on friday, or not09:39
kennethreitzi did upgrade09:39
kennethreitznormally, i do full installs, but the path for that is less clear with the app store process09:39
kennethreitzand they seem to have gotten their shit together09:39
kennethreitzjust make sure to run "repair disk permissions" afterwards, to be safe09:40
praetorianok, ta09:40
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praetorian  # finally took a screenshot10:58
tpbTitle: Droplr Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 21.58.46.png (at
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praetoriangiven the avails. ther is 5 more seats sold as well, that are unallocated11:01
praetorianoh wait, its at least 7.. nm11:01
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