Monday, 2013-10-21

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HolocaineAh, the wonder that is a good shower.00:34
chrisjrnAlso a mediocre shower after a flight00:36
HolocaineThe goodness of the shower is adjusted based on the length of time you've just spent in the air.00:36
HolocaineGrading on a curve, somewhat.00:37
HolocaineAnd when it's been 2.5 hours, then 3 hours on the ground, then 1 hour sitting at the gate while they futz with paperwork, and then 13:50 in the air, then an hour and a half on the ground mostly spent in a queue to get your luggage on to your connecting flight (because see above delay) followed by another hour sitting at the gate because reasons and then finally getting home, any shower would be good.00:38
HolocaineWell it was probably more like 13 in the air since they made up about 45 minutes of that hour spent sorting out mismatched paperwork.00:39
HolocaineBut yeah. SYD T2 was a train wreck this morning.00:55
HolocaineEvery counter had monster queues.00:55
chrisjrnI'm not surprised00:55
HolocainePeople standing in the Flight Closing queues nearly missed their flights.00:55
HolocaineI was all set to be bumped on to another flight (given my departure time was 07:45 and I was still standing in the queue at 07:25).00:56
chrisjrnbut I'd imagine substantial delays00:57
chrisjrnwait./.. queuing at T2?00:57
HolocaineSo what screwed up the runway? I only heard about that after I got here.00:57
chrisjrnWhat about domestic transfer00:57
chrisjrnOh, UA840 blew two tyres on takeoff00:57
chrisjrnhad to do an unscheduled landing at SYD once it had dumped all the fuel00:57
HolocaineVA2 got to the gate about 6:30, plus immigration, plus waiting for my baggage (which had somehow gotten de-prioritied despite being tagged as such) == missed cutoff for transfer checkin.00:57
chrisjrnAnd this happened to the runway:
tpbTitle: Twitter / BrendenWood: The two blown tyres on United ... (at
HolocaineHad to take my luggage on the transfer bus.00:58
chrisjrnOh right. VA people rip priority tags off incoming bags at LAX, the fuckers00:58
HolocaineYeah, that'd hack up the surface a bit.00:58
HolocaineNo, the tags were there.00:58
HolocaineBoth the VA one I'd left on from my trip over and the DL one they put on at SEA.00:58
HolocaineBut my bag came out well after the other priority bags had finished.00:58
chrisjrnSend in a complaint about it :P00:59
Holocaine[email protected]?01:00
chrisjrn"luggage delay made me miss the transfer deadline"01:00
chrisjrn"Toll DNata contractors are incompetent"01:00
Holocaine"I demand that you remedy this by giving me the last 30SCs I need to make Platinum."01:03
chrisjrnEh, get a flight credit :P01:04
chrisjrnThanks to various complaints + my Flyer credit card, I only paid ~$270 out of pocket for my SYD-PER J flights :)01:04
HolocaineHow do you normally finish up your complaint emails? Do you ask for flight credits specifically or do you leave it open?01:18
chrisjrnOh, I enumerate very precisely how the delays/incompetence affects me, and then leave it ambiguous as to what I want01:20
chrisjrni.e. stupidiy at a domestic transfer desk meant I missed a flight connection, which meant I missed a morning in Melbourne once, so I mentioned it cost me an extra itinerary's worth of flights01:21
praetorian5   + 21/10 [Virgin Australi] Congratulations, You Have Been Upgraded!01:59
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praetorianfyi, paid upgrades are also a Z02:28
praetorianbut not ZUPGD02:28
praetorianwell actually. maybe it is02:28
praetorianbut mine was ZUPSV02:28
praetorian(i'm guessing because i came rom a saver fare?)02:29
Holocainepraetorian: How much was it to upgrade?02:29
praetoriani bid $35002:29
praetorianand it wasaccepted02:29
praetoriani probably would have lowered it in hindsight.02:29
praetorian($350 was on their "poor" rating02:29
praetoriani think $425 or something was the suggeted02:30
Holocainepraetorian: What's the segment?02:30
praetoriani.e. A330 dinner at it's premium.02:32
HolocaineWhich flights do they do dinner service on?02:39
chrisjrnHolocaine: Anything after 093002:40
chrisjrnand before 230002:40
chrisjrn(i.e. Lunch & DInner are the same)02:41
chrisjrnSo I have an 0920 departure and a 1030 departure02:42
HolocaineMEL-PER is dep 0930 arr 18:45.02:42
Holocainedep. 1730.02:42
HolocainePER-MEL is dep 0930 arr 16:05.02:42
chrisjrn0930 should arrive 10:00ish02:43
HolocaineI should start roughing out my presentation.02:45
chrisjrnfor Perth?02:45
HolocaineI know the kind of things I want to say but I want to have a better idea.02:45
HolocaineThis is the biggest thing I've presented at, y'know.02:45
chrisjrnyeah, fair enough too02:47
praetorianhrm i should find what the current  J menu is02:56
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