Sunday, 2013-10-20

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HolocaineWhee. We did a go-around on approach to LAX. Pilot was significantly off the runway.02:29
HolocaineAs in laterally misaligned.03:22
HolocaineI'd love to know how that happened.03:22
chrisjrnin a 737?03:22
chrisjrnthat's bizarre03:22
chrisjrnreally really bizarre03:22
HolocaineAnway, boardin' time.03:23
praetorianOH NO04:20
praetoriansomeone has purchased a business class seat on my flight onfriday !!!!04:21
praetorianand they choose 1D? wtf.04:21
chrisjrnBest aisle seat.04:23
chrisjrnNo climber sitting next to you04:23
praetoriannot. but the rest of the cabin is empty04:27
praetorian*i meant nod*04:27
chrisjrnRight. If you want an aisle seat (lots of people do), then 1D's an excellent choice04:36
chrisjrnof course, I prefer windows :P04:50
praetorianshe goes bang bang..07:20
praetorianoh the way her tyres blow07:20
hawkowlyou guys must be pretty fancy to be discussing which part of business class is better09:51
hawkowlhere, I fly in a Fokker F100, and I hate^H^H^H^H LIKE it09:52
hawkowl(it is 100 seats of economy; no leg room; no business class)09:53
chrisjrnI know about the Fokkers09:54
chrisjrnthey're actually pretty decent for an all-economy plane09:54
hawkowlbetter than what we had before09:54
hawkowlwe had two companies - AirNorth and Skywest09:54
hawkowlAirNorth was prop planes09:54
hawkowlthey replaced them with, iirc, fokkers09:55
hawkowlSkywest got bought by fuckin Virgin09:55
hawkowlbut yes09:55
hawkowlthey were known as ScareNorth for a while :D09:55
hawkowlalso, I resolved never to fly with them ever again09:56
hawkowlafter I got stranded in Broome airport for six hours09:56
hawkowlit wasn't entirely their fault, but their handling of the situation was awful09:56
hawkowlwhat happened was that at my airport (KNX), someone had built their own Spitfire09:56
hawkowland they tried to take off09:57
hawkowlit broke up, and it took six hours to clean up off the runway09:57
chrisjrn... Oh, you're *there* :O09:57
hawkowlwell, two hours, and then flights had to be rerouted, but, y'know09:57
hawkowlchrisjrn, did you just look up KNX? ;)09:57
hawkowlyes, I am 'there'09:58
hawkowlI was campaigning for shire councillor yesterday09:58
hawkowlspent 10 hours in the sun09:58
hawkowlevery other WA council had 30C tops, we had 40C09:58
hawkowlI got home, stood in the shower09:59
hawkowlwater in the pipes was 30C09:59
hawkowlso I just got wet and stood in front of the aircon, let wind chill do it :P09:59
chrisjrnevaporative cooling is a wonderful thing10:00
hawkowlso yeah10:00
hawkowlnewfound respect for outdoor workers10:00
chrisjrnespecially in the Kimberley10:01
hawkowlalso, newfound happiness for working inside10:01
hawkowl(even though working inside racks up a $350/month power bill)10:01
hawkowlwait, $400 last month10:01
hawkowlit's getting hotter, I can tell :D10:01
hawkowlchrisjrn, also, fun fact, from here to pycon is a 78 hour bus trip10:03
chrisjrnin Brisbane?10:03
hawkowlKNX -> DAR then DAR-> BNE10:04
hawkowlalso, it's *more expensive* than well-planned Qantas flights10:04
hawkowlI can get there and back for $1300, which surprises me10:04
hawkowlI've paid that for a flight to/from *Perth*10:05
hawkowlbut oh well, it's a business expense10:05
chrisjrnDo KNX-DRW on Airnorth, and DRW-BNE on Virgin and that makes the routing & costs slightly less stupid10:07
hawkowlhmm, I didn't consider going through Darwin10:08
chrisjrnand if you feel compelled to, "I live $520 away from Darwin Airport" is a good case for financial aid10:08
hawkowlpycon's date is fixed, isn't it?10:09
chrisjrnyup, but I wouldn't plan anything until registrations open10:09
hawkowlah, good idea10:09
hawkowland yeah, I am considering applying for financial aid10:09
hawkowlsince the costs are a bit... silly10:10
chrisjrnyeah. But basically, as per 2013's guidelines, which I hope 2014 adopts (see
tpbTitle: Financial Aid and Outreach - PyCon Australia | July 5-7 2013 | Hobart, Tasmania (at
chrisjrn"Cases that would be looked upon favourably include, but are not limited to:10:11
chrisjrnCovering the difference in cost between travelling from a regional centre, and travelling from an Australian capital city10:11
hawkowl /hopefully/ I should have accommodation sorted (since I have a friend or two there who actively offered it)10:12
chrisjrnthat's always a good start10:12
hawkowlwhich makes the cost a bit less silly, but yeah, flights are still insane10:12
chrisjrnbut yeah, getting a grant to get you to somewhere where airfares aren't stupid is something we could probably entertain10:12
hawkowlyeah, hopefully10:13
hawkowlI am also planning putting something in when CFPs open10:14
chrisjrnEven better10:14
hawkowlso then at least I'm going there for something more than just attending :P10:14
hawkowltravelling for confs is still a very weird concept for me10:14
chrisjrnbut seriously, just attending is a good thing in itself10:14
hawkowlit's just something that's always stuck in my mind as 'something execs do'10:15
hawkowlsince at oldwork, every exec was at confs like 10 weeks of every year10:15
chrisjrnoh right, yeah, this is something hopefully completely different to what those execs go to :P10:15
hawkowlyes, hopefully10:16
hawkowlthey went to local government conferences10:16
hawkowlwhich I am assuming are as boring as hell10:16
chrisjrnwe try to be a valuable learning and community-building experience etc etc etc10:16
hawkowlalthough, the WA local govt association can put on a party10:16
chrisjrnOh, the execs go to confs so they can find people to drink with, and then expense their drinks :P10:16
hawkowlthey once sent my supervisor a bottle of wine for some reason10:16
hawkowlthen again, so did every second vendor10:16
hawkowland at that point, he didn't drink wine, and I was underage10:17
hawkowlso we just had like five bottles of wine sitting in the office10:17
hawkowlthat reminds me10:17
hawkowloldwork used to have a thing on friday morning meetings10:17
hawkowlthe "wine bottle"10:17
chrisjrnsounds dangerous10:17
hawkowlit was awarded for incredibly stupid deeds10:17
hawkowlwhich were printed on labels and stuck on it10:18
hawkowland the person with the most at the end of the year got it10:18
hawkowlit had things on it like someone's car keys not working, so they called out the toyota guy10:18
hawkowland as soon as he arrived, he realised that the keys he was trying to use were his personal car keys10:19
hawkowland the time the at-the-time CEO lost a trailer on the highway10:19
hawkowlhe left one town with it, arrived without it10:19
hawkowlit was great10:20
hawkowlthen the new CEO abolished it for PC reasons :(10:20
hawkowlchrisjrn, right now I am trying to figure out what talk I want to propose10:21
hawkowlnot sure if I go for the Mandatory Twisted Talk That Every PyCon Must Have10:21
hawkowlor something else10:21
chrisjrnYou've got a long time to figure it out10:23
chrisjrnif it's a twisted talk, make it interesting and unusual10:23
hawkowlchrisjrn, you mean, make it... *sunglasses* twisted?10:23
hawkowlis there a ban on puns10:24
hawkowlin my talk10:24
hawkowlbecause puns will be a critical point of its title10:25
chrisjrnpuns are acceptable10:25
hawkowlchrisjrn, so there's no punishment for them?10:25
chrisjrnbut if you cause the programme committee's heads to explode, then your talk probably won't get accepted10:25
hawkowl"try to not make the committee hate you for it"10:26
chrisjrnbut that's not punitive, it's just that their heads will be exploded10:26
hawkowl"it is detrimental to your talk's success"10:26
hawkowli'm good at that, though10:29
hawkowlthis last month has consisted entirely of trolling local government officials with the freedom of information act10:29
chrisjrnoh good10:29
hawkowland them countertrolling me with stonewalling via corruption10:29
hawkowli got something out of them, though!10:30
hawkowlthe day BEFORE the election10:30
hawkowlwithout the correct documentation10:30
hawkowlbut w/e10:30
danganSounds like Paris.10:30
hawkowlthis is the reason why they were stonewalling me, and the reason why I wanted it >
hawkowlnote how the graph is craftily backwards, in order of time10:31
chrisjrnoh. dear10:31
hawkowl(that is a staff opinion survey)10:31
danganPersonally, my opinion is about 58%10:32
hawkowlthis is in the context of other councils10:32
hawkowlI want to be that one on the far left10:32
hawkowlthat sounds like a local government that assigns you coffee machines at your desk and doesn't have a building made of asbestos10:32
hawkowllike ours was10:32
hawkowldangan, it's a sumup of some 70 questions10:33
hawkowlhow you know your leadership is working: when nearly half your company tell everyone they know not to work for you
hawkowl(and on top of that, there's rumours that they're about to default...)10:36
hawkowlbut anyway!10:36
hawkowlchrisjrn, i'll certainly have to think about my talk10:36
chrisjrnYou've got a while! :P10:36
hawkowlfriend said I should do something about how I got started with it, and all that10:37
hawkowlwhich may be interesting10:37
hawkowl(this was the friend that beat me over the head with Twisted when he discovered I was using node.js)10:37
hawkowl"node is dumb, you're stupid for using it, and in six months you will know why"10:38
hawkowlme, six months later: "ohhhh man, I dodged a bullet there"10:38
hawkowlbut anyway, friends are calling me (apparently I have those?), so toodles~10:39
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