Saturday, 2013-10-19

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HolocaineHello from the SEA SkyClub!21:22
chrisjrnoh noes21:29
chrisjrnhi  howsit?21:29
Holocainechrisjrn: Feels larger than LAX but no obvious showers.21:38
Holocainechrisjrn: Same bar setup, base spirits free or you can pay for the good stuff.21:38
Holocainechrisjrn: Decent view of the gates but not the runways.21:38
chrisjrnfair enough21:40
chrisjrnIn other news SYD-PER-SYD in J come January!21:40
HolocaineYeah, I'm going to bump myself to J for the flight over but I'm booked Saver on the return so I probably can't.21:41
chrisjrn(used my Virgin Money 2-for-1 deal to get half price flexis, when split with a friend)21:41
HolocaineOnly got Flexi on the way over because Sunday 5th is pretty much out of cheaper seats.21:42
chrisjrnIn fact, flexis would have been within your $100 fudge factor :P21:42
HolocaineNot if I booked Flexi on the way back, unfortunately.21:43
chrisjrnoh, you have to book return? Evil :P21:43
chrisjrnAnyway, I got flexis return. SO EXCITE21:43
HolocaineWell I got Flexi over and Saver back.21:43
chrisjrnWOOO UPGRADES!21:44
HolocaineI'm going to points upgrade to make sure I get a seat on the way over and then see if they'll do anything for me on the return later on.21:45
HolocaineAlso man, getting upgrades to economy comfort are a pain, mainly because for some reason DL really, _really_ don't want to accept my credit card.21:45
chrisjrnsee if you can pay for the difference between saver and flexi? :P21:46
HolocaineIt only goes through if they do it manually (phone or in person). Online or self-checkin will authorise the payment (and thus lock the money up for a week) but then error out.21:46
chrisjrnhurrp :/21:47
praetoriantell me.. i choose 4A for a VA flight from PER->SYD22:33
praetoriangood idea or bad idea?22:33
praetorian(i wanted left andi t was the only A available)22:33
praetorian0841:08 < chrisjrn> (used my Virgin Money 2-for-1 deal to get half price flexis, when split with a friend)22:34
praetoriani thought that had changed now?22:34
praetorianor was it end of this month?22:34
chrisjrnpraetorian: Changes 30 November22:34
chrisjrnSo I booked well in advance of that D:22:34
chrisjrnYeah, so decided to go out with a bang :)22:36
praetoriani should see about using mine. wonder if anyone else wants to go over flexi22:36
praetoriantho im not sure im ging yet.22:37
chrisjrnpraetorian: Nothing wrong with 4A per se; there's an exit behind it, with a lavatory behind that, so you're well separated from the main cabin22:37
chrisjrnpraetorian: Only flexis are available on the --PER flights now22:37
praetorianwell, i like 1A .. because im served first22:37
chrisjrnI've got 1K --PER and 1A --SYD22:37
praetorianhope you don't get Average or Broken.22:38
praetoriani did right side last time.. it was odd22:38
* praetorian looks up his flight for friday22:38
praetorian2-2-2 still.22:39
praetoriani think rows 17 to 20 must be a gold hold22:39
praetorianas im the only one in 17-2022:40
chrisjrnsounds right22:40
praetoriancant see 15 or ahead.. or its or sold22:40
praetoriani can see 16 actually22:40
chrisjrnRow 10 is a plat hold22:40
tpbTitle: Droplr Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 09.41.21.png (at
praetorianif i don't get my J upgrade ill be annoyed22:41

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