Thursday, 2013-10-17

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HolocaineDamn colleges never take AmEx.04:15
HolocaineHmm. Do I plonk nearly a grand of my own money down and wait for several weeks to get reimbursed or book a hotel that's further away.04:22
HolocaineBusiness idea: Visa/MasterCard number that adds a small fee and on-bills to AMEX. =P04:24
HolocaineOther question: Do I blow 9,900 points on a J upgrade for my MEL-PER flight (got to book it flexi because lack of saver flights) or risk waiting until December when I should have Platinum upgrade vouchers but the reward seats may have gone.04:26
chrisjrnHolocaine: Book it now; then in December ask for the upgrade to be refunded and traded in for a comp04:31
HolocaineSounds fair.04:32
HolocaineThere's a bonus on points transfers at the moment isn't there?04:53
chrisjrnYes indeed04:54
chrisjrnuntil the end of October I think04:54
chrisjrnor is it November?04:54
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praetorianOur system cannot retrieve the fare rules for your booking. Please contact us for more information.08:21
hawkieowlI had a similar experience with the greyhound thing08:22
hawkieowllooking at KNX -> BNE, via bus, for kicks08:22
hawkieowlapparently there is no such route08:22
hawkieowlbut if I do KNX -> DAR and then DAR->BNE, that's fine08:22
hawkieowl(also, it's a 78 hour bus trip thats /more expensive/ than well-planned flights, so... yeah no)08:22
praetorianre upgrade bookings, think you would have been fine waiting to later, probably would hav still been available08:24
praetorianchrisjrn: my business upgrade was Z08:26
praetorianwill see how it credits, but i imagine as Z :p08:27
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chrisjrnpraetorian: yeah, it's always Z.10:40
praetorianoh you got Z, but J SC?10:45
chrisjrnSo Z is the Business Class Upgrade fare class10:46
chrisjrnthey credit you the points for the flexi fare you purchased (yay!) but for some reason give full business SC instead of Flexi10:47
praetorianyeah, i knew Z was the ugprade. i thought you meant you were actually getting it booked as J10:47
chrisjrnoh no,10:47
chrisjrnthey just give the points appropriately10:48
chrisjrnwhich is nice10:48
praetoriani think i will get my cash upgrade.10:48
praetoriani mean.. the cabin is empty atm.10:48
chrisjrngood lucks10:48
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