Monday, 2013-10-07

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mithrochrisjrn, anyone really03:32
chrisjrnBest send an e-mail to Clinton Roy03:34
chrisjrnwhat's the occasion?03:34
chrisjrnmithro: could you please send the "+1" to the PyCon grant to the linux-aus list? :)03:38
mithrochrisjrn, I don't think I have Clinton's preferred email address03:38
mithrochrisjrn, yes, will get to that in a minute03:38
chrisjrn[email protected]03:41
mithrochrisjrn, thanks!03:56
mithrochrisjrn, sent the support email04:14
chrisjrnthanks a heap!04:20
chrisjrnI'm now awaiting the trolls to come and complain at me04:20
chrisjrngiven it's just us two that are supporting at this point :P04:20
* Holocaine complains at chrisjrn.04:29
* Holocaine has no idea what he's complaining about but, y'know, troll.04:29
tpb<$0Q> (at
HolocaineI dunno, that PyCon US director of sponsorship's a bit dodgy if you ask me.04:33
chrisjrnhe is, but he also calls some of the shots04:33
chrisjrnAnd I should know, he lives in TEXAS04:34
HolocaineHim and his team of Attack Pugs.04:34
Holocaine"I'd also like to request additional funds towards hiring someone to smack the EuroPython committee if they try to run on PyCon AU's dates again."04:35
hawkieowlfun fact about pycon US04:35
hawkieowlwith my location, it's just as expensive to get to it than get to pycon au04:35
hawkieowl(rural WA, whoo!)04:36
hawkieowlleast brisbane is better than tassie :P04:38
chrisjrnhawkieowl: That's why we run the financial aid scheme -- distance shouldn't be a barrier04:38
hawkieowlI may need to look into that when the time comes04:38
hawkieowl(for reference: my town -> PER runs at some $400-600 a way for flights)04:39
HolocaineIf you want to feel thankful for the AEC:
tpbTitle: Gerrymandering jigsaw puzzle game: Put the congressional districts back together. (at
hawkieowlnaturally plane isn't the only way, but most pick the expense over taking the 3,200km by greyhound :P04:40
hawkieowlesp. as if you go by road, you will never get the red sand out of your car/luggage. ever.04:42
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hawkieowlit's like the earth's natural glitter04:43
chrisjrnsounds pretty awesome :P04:51
hawkieowlsounds awesome until you open up the caravan04:54
hawkieowland the foldout beds are coated in a fine red dust04:54
hawkieowlwhile you're in bloody Perth04:54
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